Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FORGET SOLAR VS NINJAK! Four Dynamite / Valiant Crossovers We Really Want To See

Sure Dynamite has the rights to 90's Valiant titles like Turok, Magnus, and Solar. And sure Valiant has stated they're not initially looking to crossover with these 'converts'. Fair enough. We've been there.

What I do say however, is look at these side roads a Valiant/Dynamite crossover could have without the Gold Key characters as a leading feature, and you'll see Solar re-meeting Archer and Armstrong is probably the team-up we would least want to see...

Hey, when is it not a great idea to have Vampirella visit New Orleans? Throw in Vamps crossing paths with the new Dr Mirage as she tracks a vampiristic menace to one of Jack Boniface's previous foster homes, and Shadowman has more than got his work cut out for him!

Unable to recapture the barbarian who stole their sacred weapon, The Vine kidnap a warrior on an alternate world who's Aric's equal in all ways strategic and savage; Red Sonja. Threatening to bring their empire down around them in ways Aric never did, the Vine soon turn to X-O for their survival. Will he help his enemies or find a kindred spirit in the eyes of the She-Devil as 'Rome' burns?

When the Vine opened portals after Red Sonja, one of the resulting timeslips gave The Shadow a warning of a massive psychic threat. Stepping through to eliminate the threat at it's source, The Shadow is about to realise Pete Stanchek is all too used to being hunted, and the true telepathic menace is actually the one standing behind him...

See what I mean? And that's not even including Archer and Armstrong meeting the Bionic Man and Woman, The Eternal Warrior with Zorro or Bloodshot and Doc Savage! Inter-company crossovers are awesome fun, and can be magic even if one of the participants isn't 'The Big Two'. Dynamite and The new Valiant could easily prove just that.

 What do you think? 


  1. Wow Dan, now these are some intersting match-ups. Really digging the Red Sonja/XO one. I'd even add Conan and Thor to that.

    The Shadow and Harbinger? Hmmm, maybe the Shadow and Shadowman more, but I see why you went there, and yeah, Shadownman and Vamprilla does sound like a natural choice.
    Maybe Dr. Who and Dr. Solar?
    An Adult Franklin Richards and Solar since they're powers are very similar?

  2. Thanks Dale - glad you like the team-up throw down matches, and added in some of your own! Nice!

    Shadow and Shadowman could go a few rounds too, just the mental power links of Harada, Stanchek and the Shadow made that one too hard to walk away from, especially if it helped current Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart write the issue. His style on Shadow would be epic!