Thursday, November 28, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Jean Grey, Beast Boy, Beta Ray Bill And Viper

One of the funniest things from recent weeks, is this sketch Will Work For Resurrection by George Perez. Found on Jason's incredible Marvel Comics of the 1980's site, it humourously highlights how the 'twins' are 'absent' at the same time. Donna Troy I found a few weeks back, and thanks to photographer LJinto, I have now found Jean.

Sticking on a Titans buzz, I am always impressed how many Beast Boys there are at a Cosplay convention. Be it Doom Patrol or Teen Titans era, it really shows how Gar is one of the best of both franchises. Especially when done like namine207 does below.

Both he and Beta Ray Bill (snapped by Flickr user Nathan Rupert), put some serious work into their respective outfits - Bill's face is fantastic! Yet like Jack Nicholson's Joker always said, "You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs", so enough with the heroes, lets see some villians!

Another stunning effort by Miracole - this Viper looks more venomously perfect than her recent appearance in The Wolverine, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova! Suddenly you can see why Madame Hydra has the strength to not only lead an army, but also the passion to make the world burn.

 What do you think? 


  1. you got that right about the Viper cosplay here vs the one from Wolverine. and by the way the new Thor movie wasn't anything to write home about either. unless i'm missing something 2013 didn't end up being a good comic book movie year. by the way did you ever get around to seeing Dredd!?

  2. Donna and Jean Grey are fab as always, and so similar to one another, as many have pointed out over the years.
    I rmember years ago seeing Viper for the first time in Marvel Team-Up, fighting Black Widow on top of the SHIELD helicarrier.

  3. Holy shit, that Viper cosplayer's HOT!!!! But the Beta Ray Bill one wins it hands down, or is that hooves down for how awesome and true to the character he looks. Ol' Ray himself would be pride I'm sure.
    Nice jab by Perez as well. Fuck both DC and Marvel for mistreating those two very decent characters.

  4. Thanks guys - glad you liked the efforts of those on show! Especially Viper - it's amazing what three guns and a whip will do, heck, just the whip let's be honest!

    I agree Dale - Beta is Better for me too - that took some serious effort!

    Karl, the first time I met Viper was in a pick-a-path Captain America book of the 80's. I had one of Cap, one of The Thing and one of Wolverine. Cap's was called By The Rocket's Red Glare from memory, and the cover is still the image I think of whenever I hear the name Viper.

    Dave - I have seen parts of it - I fell asleep just after they got in the citadel last time, but I've oddly enough just brought it on DVD today, and I'm looking forward to pizza and Dredd later tonight!

  5. Hey Ive got that pick a path book of the Thing as well, never used it but Ive had it locked away in my collection for years!

  6. You know what Karl? We might be the only two sales that book ever had.