Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Mike Deodato Jr's Incredible Hulk vs Wonder Woman

If there's one artist you should be following online, it is Mike Deodato Jr. Across a variety of platforms, he keeps his online activity high and includes behind the scenes peeks into how a true master of the modern game, one who has evolved alongside us, creates his magic. The latest spell? This 'Big Two' Wonder Woman vs Hulk title round;

The atmosphere in this art is electric! Most artists would focus on the seismic punches the two would trade, but Mike rewinds to fill the scene with tension first. I now need to see Hulk rampage through Paradise!

On Mike's Tumblr, you can see how the Marvel mainstay turned this 'spot the blacks' sketch into the epic artwork above.

It's amazing to get this kind of insight - from the inks to the body language - you can't not learn something from looking at this piece. See at all the compositional elements used to draw your eye down to Diana?

 What do you think?  To see the titans collide step-by-step, click here.


  1. WOW indeed! You're right Dan, this scene is a million times better than simply watching them punch it out. Just seeing the Hulk Stalk WW like that reminds the viewer just why the Hulk is a monster, and also evokes his cinematic influences of Frankenstien. This is the type of scene I'd expect from legendary artist Bernie Wrightson. Awesome.

  2. Deodato mustve been the most daring WW artist EVER. He really drew the most outrageous female figures when he did the book [issues 91 to 100, volume 2]. His rendition of the Amazons was Amazing - full-on sexiness to the maximum, boobs and bums and skirts cut high on the bias like Baywatch costumes. His only mistake was that he drew only Caucasian woman, except for Phillipus, and this drew some criticism from some quarters. Even wonder Woman fans, used to admiring beautiful women like Diana had to admit at times his 'sexy' art got too much. I am currently helping research and review these very issues for the Amazon Archives blog and all these memories of 1994 keep flooding back. But for sheer Playboy models never before seen in DC comics, he drew the long straw - absolutely every panel was chock-full of beautiful women.
    His style has graduated and become more honed over the years, with far more shading and less emphasis on his lines following the inker's notes - when he drew the Tigra mini-series, again his sexy style won over fans, but now it was grounded in even tones and felt more earthy; his Tigra sure had some athletic moments!
    This style carried over into his New Avengers run and felt even more down-to-earth. His art has adapted to Marvel's more structured sense of how action panels are designed.

  3. Exactly Dale! That stalking feeling is worth its weight in gold. I the next scene I expect columns flying - either as the Hulk gives chase, or after Diana lands that left hook she is powering up!

  4. Danny Boi, I would say whats up. But I see it's a Deodato Master work.

    And Dan, I too want to see that left hook from Diana.

    Happy Thanks giving man.

  5. Thanks Dale, Mike sure has evolved onstage infront of comics' fans - just like an artistic Dick Grayson! I remember those early days too, I was the one hand clapping who actually didn't mind Diana getting in her blue jacket and black number while Artemis wore the Wonder garb. For my money none have drawn the latter better.

    For me I think Deodato's art started changing most on Thor and was in his new style by the time he was trading punches with She-Hulk - a character who he could have easilly scored hits with in his original form!

    Thanks as always for the thoughts.

    And Happy Thanks Giving to you too OA and to any American folk who happen across this wee slice of the internet. Thanks for being a great part of this site all year OA - it's always great stuff havin ya drop in.