Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SWEET AS: The Best From DC Comics' February 2014 Solicitations

When we Kiwis find something we like, we say it's 'Sweet as'. From the Metal Men's return in Justice League to the Earth 2 meeting Superman and Batman, when I'm looking at the best and new releases from DC Comics for February 2014, these comics make the 'Sweet As' grade:


I think my eyes literally jumped out of their sockets when I saw this cover. Howard's always been great before, but if the detail in this cover is any indication, he's light years ahead of himself now.

DC says: The Flash is defeated. Green Lantern is in the clutches of Locus, a psychotic teenaged girl with the powers of God. And Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been banished to a planet wide penal colony! (W) Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (A) Howard Porter.

A crossover between World's Finest and Batman/Superman sees the Earth 2 Huntress and Power Girl meet Superman and Batman of Earth 1! Written by Greg Pak and Paul Levitz, if anyone can put a classic spin on a DC tradition, it's these two!

Not only is OMAC back, he's drawn raging across a cover by Steve (The Matrix movies) Skroce! If Steve gets more DC work, look out - he's one reality-bending artist! (W) Matt Kindt (A) Patrick Zircher


He's saved a diver from a vicious shark attack -- but he'll soon regret it. His most powerful weapon has been stolen from his care -- and he's never even heard of the man who took it. (W) Jeff Parker (A) Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons

The story jumps two hundred years into a flooded future where nothing is the same. The second half of The Wake starts here! (W) Scott Snyder (A) Sean Murphy.


(W) Rob Williams (A) Simon Coleby
Something tells me this will be an incredible book!

As the Blitz destroys 1940's London, the Royal Family looks on. But in this world, the only people with special abilities are Royalty, and the purer the bloodline, the greater their abilities. A truce between the Earth's nobles has kept them out of our wars--until now. When England's Prince Henry can take no more and intervenes, will it stop the planet's suffering or take it to another level? 

(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) Emanuela Lupacchino
Lois Lane is known for chasing down stories, but what happens when the story is her family? As her father gains more power in the government, Lois who thought she was rid of the Brainiac's influence, finds him calling out to her again! 48 pages.

 What do you think?  For the full list of DC's February 2014 solicitations, click the jump.


  1. That JL3000 cover is definitely an homage to an old famous Joe Kubert Challengers of the Unknown cover. Interesting premise this JL3000, but I'm not completely sold. Have you read it yet Dan?

    Likwise the Royals one sounds good. Rob Williams is used to writing about real-world type situations w/Superheroes as Classwar taught us, so this one should be good.

  2. Thought the fake-out DC did about the Justice League 3000 [sounds like a movie] about them being the Crime Syndicate was well done. Might just make it more tolerable reading it - that is, any book set in the 31st century that dosent feature the LSH yet [still waiting, DC].
    This Worlds Finest cross-over looks good too. The WF book itself isn't doing too well, very poor sales it appears. So a cross-over [probably so ordered to drum up interest[ might work.
    Have you heard the rumour that DC are planning on bringing back DONNA TROY, Dan? Theres an Access Areas video where apparently on a whiteboard theres a plan for a Five Years Later book set , well, five years in the future, and could feature Donna, Wally West, and Stephanie Brown [who we know is already coming back soon in the next Batman arc]. Lets hope its true.

  3. Great spotting Dale! It sure is a tribute to Kubert's to the gallows cover! Noose not included, but you can still sense it can't you!

    What I'm hoping JL3000 will deliver is a future set League of favourites that draws attention to the world of the Legion, but isn't too set in current DC52 continuity due to time and era, so fans of the old DC still have a book they can enjoy without being too frustrated. I think this title really has a great opportunity to deliver on those grounds.

    Hey Karl, yeah I have seen the board in question with Wally on it too. I've brought into many of those teasers in the past, even at Marvel, where they once published a brainstorm of sorts in continuity in the pages of The Avengers. Some come true and some don't, but for now I'm just erring on the side of caution. What are Donna and Wally without the New Teen Titans? That's an interesting question I look forward to seeing the new DC tackle.

    They are awesome characters both who I love very much as a fan, but it will take DC's best heads to make them fit here.

  4. Idk, we'll all have to wait and see, but I'm very worried/cautious as to how the rebooted origins of Donna and Wally turns out. They have waaay longer history than Stephanie Brown does, so I figure she'd be the easier of the two to adjust.Just not sure about Wally and Donna, especially if they're not tied to the Titans anymore. Please God don't make them villains like DC's so want to do lately.

  5. Exactly Dale. Donna has been around for ever. Wally almost forever as much. Like you say that's a big history to explain.