Thursday, November 07, 2013

SWEET FOOD WILL KILL YOU Macaroon Aliens Show How Deadly Dessert Can Be

Downunder I blame reality cooking show Masterchef for the sudden macaroon explosion. The sweet treats are now everywhere! While the ones calling my name (or more to the point my wallets) through various shop displays and windows, are all bright child tempting colours and 'Brady Bunch' levels of wholesome, these 'Chestbuster Alien' macs are more my style, crafted by Lou Lou P's Delights in Leed, England.

Sure Halloween has passed and sure your beloved might initially be shocked when their Christmas gift box of macaroons turns out to be covered in a homage to acid dripping beasties, complete with sugary sweet 'blood', but when you explain to them that only macaroons based off one of the great sci-fi horrors of all time is good enough for your 'sweetheart', I'm sure they'll understand.

 What do you think? 

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