Friday, December 06, 2013

300 VS THE SINISTER SIX: New Trailers See Spider-Man Be Cap And Spartans Be Spartan

Just like in the movie Gremlins, how you could never get them wet or feed them after midnight, least they start multiplying beyond all control, comic-book movie trailers rarely get to debut by their lonesome anymore. Especially around Christmas.

Before you get preoccupied trying to wrap unwrappable presents or rounding off the year that was, Sony want to release their newest trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2, so you still have enough free time to catch all the Sinister Six cameos inside. Take a look:

Did you catch the Vulture wings and Dr Octopus arms? Add to that Electro, Rhino, and the Green Goblin and that leaves just one spot remaining. Who do you think that will be?

Not to be outdone in the counting game, 300: Rise of an Empire debuts its latest trailer, where a few more than 300 Spartans war with Greece;

For me of the two, that's the winner. Least of all for Eva Green. She was sensational in Casino Royale, and her inbuilt style of delivery makes her a perfect cast for the wicked Artemisia - luckily she's also been scooped up for fellow upcoming Frank Miller based comic film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - double score!

 What do you think? 


  1. well ya know you really can't say much about trailers these days they so very often end up being a really different experience then the actually movie. Thor 2 being the latest example it's not to say it wasn't with out it's cool moments but overall i just couldn't even remember what it was all about shortly after seeing it. glad i saw it on the cheap. as far as the Spiderman trailer goes who knows? i do like how one of the guys with telekinesis from last year's movie Chronicle is in it i think that's cool. Chronicle, Argo and Dredd hands down my favs from 2012.

  2. Dave, I think the folks behind Dredd need to put you on commission. But you are right - trailers and the films have lately been pretty different. Mind you, I think fan films are stepping up to take the big budget title contenders on in all new ways too - as Chronicle well showed.

    I'm on the fence about Rhino being an actual suit of armour, but that's just old-school Dan speaking. Still, now I'm going to be thinking all night on what my favourite film of 2013 is...

    1. yeah i just go into these movies with low expectations and hope i'll be pleasantly surprised.