Sunday, December 15, 2013

LET THE BEST OF 2013 COMMENCE: Annual NAD Awards Come To IADW Next Week

As Galactus looms to devour our planet, like he did the Ultimate Universe in 2013, next week, I roll out my Annual NAD Awards here on It's A Dan's World - celebrating 2013's comic best!

Wait... what? He's only here because he's 'American Idol-ing' his next Herald? Okay.. What's the pay? A free surfboard and a wicked bod that needs a lifetime of polishing? Tempting, but pass.

Stands by 'Hawkeye' - eyes up 'My Little Pony'
Now where was I? Oh yeah, that's right, in amongst next week's usual posts, you'll find one NAD each and every day. Yes, I know what 'nads' is slang for, and although it was created in a Harpo/Oprah kind of way as my name backwards, to be the best penciller, publisher or otherwise in this cut throat industry, you really need a decent set of nads to do it!

Play along out there in reader world - it all starts tomorrow!

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