Sunday, December 22, 2013

MAKING A MARK: Brian Lai - Amazing Art Only Reveals Wolverine When It's Inversed

"It didn't come out the way I visualised it" is a common phrase for all creative types, yours truly included. While for most, the phrase acts as a buffer said before the audience tears your work down in flames and stomps all over your heart, for the creative cranium of artist Brian Lai, perception is what it is all about.

As you can see, on first glance Brian's art is 'expressionist chicken scratchings', but inverse that artwork and you'll see Wolverine, in all his savage glory. Yes, that means Brian can 'visualise' actor Hugh Jackman in a photo-negative way (que horror movie music and girl in wet white t-shirt screaming through a corn field).

Hey look - Brian's a Skrull!! Wait... that's just him being inversed too? Whoops, my bad. How embarassed am I? Found on, check out this handy-dandy video (no relation) of Brian's mutant ability in action, complete with Katy Perry's Roar on the piano as a soundtrack. 'Cos you know, that's Wolverine;

 What do you think? 


  1. Wow! Damn cool find Dan. Let's hear it for chicken scratch right?;)

  2. I tell ya Dale - chicken's can do a lot of crazy cool stuff! As for this dude, you have to wonder what else he does or sees inversed? That's a pretty awesome 'power'.

  3. Nice. Gotta Luv the artist.

  4. That is bizarre. How does his brain reverse the image like that and get it right?

  5. Mate your guess is as truly as good as mine - I wonder if he drives better in reverse too? What do you reckon?