Thursday, December 19, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Catman, Lobo, Psylocke and the Shi'ar's Gladiator!

While no cosplayer can get changed while spinning like Lynda Carter, results are often just as wonderful. Leaving the usual 'roles' aside for a mo, these fine folk got into the cosplay spirit as some of comics best;

Found on Girls Gone Geek, look at Penguin getting his nose out of joint, that someone can make that much yellow look good. 

Meanwhile, Little Timmy turns to his father and asks "Who is Catman Daddy?" "A tonne of awesomeness from a kick-ass comic called Secret Six son." "Why can't I buy it anymore Daddy?" "#$#^%ed if I know Timmy" Ahhh parents, so wise, unless they're drunk.

Moving from a cat with claws to a couple of cosplayers, proving 99% of becoming the character is the way you show it on your face;

Busted by photographer David Ngo, Lobo looks like he's come up with the right quip to put you down - if his chains don't do the job first! Must be handy dressing as a character that fits in at a KISS concert to huh?

It can be dangerous thinking what the next photo makes you think around a ninja trained telepath! Another hit from David Love Photography, Psylocke looks like she just 'heard' you, and is about to correct your train of thought.

Now for a guy who not only needs more cosplay fans, he just needs more more all round. Ain't that right Marvel?

Gladiator has come a long way from being just a 'cosmic mohawked Superman' (although that alone is pretty cool) and this guy gets a bazillion thumbs up (sorry not convertible for cash) for his efforts in bringing the pride of the Shi'ar to life. 

Who knows, as Marvel heads to the stars with their movies, they could even bring in the purple powerhouse, although that would be skating pretty close to Fox's X-Men movie rights!

Next week - to spread the Christmas spirit(s), it's a special Cute-Kid-Cosplay edition. Looking forward to it already!

 What do you think? 


  1. Whoa, that Gladiator cos-player looks fucking angry or intense. Whoa. Love the Catman cos-player though. That got a nice laugh out of me. If only we could've seen the rest of the Secret Six. They're really getting get at this huh?

  2. Thanks Dale - I'm glad you liked the pics! I seriously weed through my weight in cosplay pics before I find ones I want to profile, so it's always appreciated when the hunt goes down well!

    Gladiator looks like his contacts might be stinging, but wow. What a transformation, and any dude who rocks the mohawk is a winner before leaving home. It's in the Bible under Liverpool 4 : Manchester 6.

    Catman, I just love the effort that went into it. From the claws to the ears of the hood, it's a champion effort all round. Especially when you picture how many places he had to go to and ask "Excuse me. Do you have a bright yellow spandex onesie?" - That's nine lives of dedication right there!

  3. ya know that Catman cosplay dude did a really good job from an authenticity stand point the problem is Catman has always been one of those characters that I've liked but felt was in dire need of a new costume just like Red Tornado. to be honest I've seen more impressive Psylock cosplay especially when it comes to Ya Ya Han she's a tough act to follow. I've never been a Lobo fan but I like you KISS comment. as for the "Mr. Bad Hair Day" cosplay that brother went balls out a willingness to wear eye contacts is the ultimate cosplay devotion cuz I'd never put any sort of shit like that in my eyes.

  4. You and me both Dave - my only phobia is things getting in my eyes - I'm overly protective of them, and contacts are something I'd just never even contemplate. Just thinking of the process gives me the heebee jeebees. Still I agree with you on the whole Catman thing - at the least of which it would stop him looking like Batman and Catwoman's lovechild and more like his own man.

    Thanks for the comments!