Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SNYDER'S BATMAN KICKS OFF GIFT GIVING Comixology Launches 12 Days Of Free Comics

At this time of year humans and mutants combine to form two different classes; either those looking under the tree to find comics, or those retreating into an unfilled room of the house with a comic, in order to slow the rush of the festive season down a bit.

Ensuring they manage to give both worlds the best Christmas gift yet, online comic store Comixology is launching a 12 day advent calendar of sorts, with each day revealing a free digital comic download. You can even send the issues as gifts to friends and family, at no charge!

First up is Batman #13, the first chapter of bat-crossover Death of The Family, featuring Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman, by the creative talents of writer Scott Snyder, main feature artist Greg Capullo and back-up feature artist Jock.

The sidebar on IADW will keep track on each release, so you can see every day, the freebie on offer. Now Click over and get your hooks in - nothing's better than free Batman (thinks) nope, nothing!

 What do you think? 


  1. That's awfully nice of them. I do love that site.

  2. And they've all been great choices so far Random - and spreading the love around the various publishers too. So far Rucka's Lazarus is my favourite but artist Michael Lark is a hard man to beat!

  3. I've downloaded but not read them. :) I know. I know. I'm having a comic fest day when I get some time off. OH! I just got my McKean cover of Sandman 1 in the mail! Squee!!!!

  4. Yeah I think that will be by plan as the days go on too Random - hey that's the Sandman cover I got! Now we are The Overture twins too, any other similarities and sibling surnames will just be a formality.

    1. We should have matching gas masks. :)