Friday, December 20, 2013

STAN LEE TO HARRISON FORD: Stars Answer Who Is Best - Superman or Batman? (Video)

Who is best; Superman or Batman? It's the age old question with the prickly answer, especially if you ask that comic fan who replies 'The question should be 'Who is best; Captain Marvel or Jim Corrigan?' - because DC has other mightiest mortals and dark knights, that are just as great if not better'.

No, that's not what I would say. I'm speaking hypothetically.

Still, proving they are more than astronomically paid marketable humans, this video sees Michael Fassbender, Harrison Ford, Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Knoxville, Natalie Portman, Stan Lee, Hugh Jackman and more, not only enter the Clark / Bruce debate, but also explain why.

Who tops the vote? Just click play to see.

Who would've thought that icon inspired Hiddleston's Loki?

While Total Film didn't get round to asking me, my answer is Superman. I think Batman is done right more than Superman, so the volume of 'great black caped orphan' in my collection outweighs that of 'great red caped orphan', but when the baby and rocketship collide, the planet always explodes in ways that make you go all tingly. Even when you're an old dude in your thirties.

 What do you think? 


  1. just got around to watching that video I loved it thanks.

  2. No worries Dave - glad you dug it! I'm surprised no one mentioned the rogues outside of Catwoman. I think on of the reasons Batman appeals to a wider majority is that his adversaries are well known too. Superman to most folk has Lex and bank robbers. If a hero is defined by those he opposes, we need to get Bizarro, Brainiac and Cyborg Superman out to as many folk as possible.