Wednesday, December 18, 2013

THE CHRISSY WISHLIST: WEEK FOUR The Hand-Knitted Alien Facehugger

For comic fans the world over, Christmas is an event where people you know gift you something Superman. Sure your favourite character may be Luke Cage, Firestorm or Black Cat, but Superman is what they know in pop culture, so Superman is what you get. To help point peeps in a not so primary coloured direction, each week I'm putting other ideas out there, ideas like this...

Us Southern Hemisphere folk enjoy a Christmas of golden beaches, summer sun and sausages on the bar-B. Northern Hemisphereians - not so lucky - get snow to shovel, colds and face-stinging winds. 

Now though, they can indulge their inner sci-fi fan and kick Jack Frost in the balls, with a hand-knitted Alien Facehugger, perfect for icy temperatures!

Available for a wallet friendly $150 from Etsy seller, Knitrocious, if you replace the annual family festive sweater with this handy garment, you'll have a memorable family portrait, perfect for any mantle!

 What do you think? 


  1. that has got to be one of the coolest things you've ever blogged about.

  2. Glad you like that one Dave. I wonder if it sells well, if she'll also come out with a Starro version?

  3. Whoa! Now that's some seriously missplaced love right there, ha ha. Can you imagine grandma getting that for christmas? Maybe Grandma Morbid would love it, but anyone else would be "Dafaq is this?"

  4. How to know when Nan secretly hates you. You unwrap a knitted face mask of an acid dripping alien! Gee Nan, are you trying to tell us something? And is there any way you can knit up some Predator dreads while you're thinking?

  5. Dreads yes, self-destruct mechanism no;)

  6. Yes, but hand-knitted complimentary skull and spinal column will make any Predator costume complete!