Saturday, December 07, 2013


For comic fans the world over, Christmas is an event where people you know gift you something Superman. Sure your favourite character may be Luke Cage, Firestorm or Black Cat, but Superman is what they know in pop culture, so Superman is what you get.

To help point peeps in a not so primary coloured direction, each week leading up to the big day I'm putting other ideas out there, like this - an Avengers neon sign, ready to turn any basement, man-cave or female equivalent into the meeting room of Earth's Mightiest!

While the above is part of digital deviantARTist 3ftDeep's gallery series, of superhero logos he'd like a neon sign for, The Neon Factory actually offer an Avengers 'A', just like 3ft pictured, for just $139!

Hang it on the door to impress the neighbours or fool the kids that Hulk, Cap and Iron Man have moved into your suburb - the options are endless!

At 16" x 16", this metal framed, real glass light neon sign would make 'Talk to the 'A'' my new Ricki Lake-ish come back, because hey, lets face it 'Talk to the hand' has had it's day.

 What do you think?  To order yours, click the jump.


  1. Best non-stripper/XXX neon sign I've seen in awhile Dan. Love it.

  2. About two years ago I bought the Wonder Woman neon sign [they were bringing out al the Justice League ones, all the heroes logos] and its still in my back room. I haven't got round to putting it up on the wall!

  3. I think it's pretty awesome too Dale - if you get it for me though, I'll still act surprised ;) Damn strippers - they always get the best stuff.

    I'm not sure whose neon logo I would get Karl. I'd like one like those Vegas cowboy neon signs with three stages of animation I reckon, with either Clark opening his shirt to reveal the 'S' or Billy Batson who after the neon lightning bolt strikes behind him turns into the original Captain Marvel. That would be awesomesauce.

    Hope you are going well mr, and the last few days ain't been too rough on you.

  4. I want a flickering one of Nightcrawler that blinks to "Bamf!" But the Avengers is pretty freaking sweet too. :)

  5. That would be cool Random - especially if it went off and a second one appeared in sequence behind you!