Monday, December 02, 2013

THE COMICS' BEAT: The Challengers Of The Unknown In The New Pornographers' 'Challengers'

Mondays. They are worse than Dr Doom and after a heavy one, it can be a little hard to get the drum pumping again for the week ahead. As a former DJ, each Monday I dig into my collection, and chuck up a hit nodding to comics' best.

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday, so here is a track that I think she would like to add to the chill side of her music collection, about a concept I like, Jack Kirby's The Challengers Of The Unknown.

"Leave it there, leave it to us
We are The Challengers Of The Unknown!'

 What do you think?  For the full lyrics to this song, click here. To buy this track, visit and join me back here next Monday for another Comic Beat!


  1. Aww, really? Well I iope she had a fine birthday. Happt belated birthday Ms. Dan's mum:)

    As for the song, the lyrics defintely seem to be out of place considering the subject matter, but damn can the lead singer sing! Damn what a voice. You've made me a new fan already:)

    So....if they're the New Pornographers....who were the old ones?;)

  2. Thanks Dale! Yeah this one is more a reference in name than an actual song subject, but hey it still works if it makes a few new fans in the process? As for the old pornographers, I think they are on 60 Minutes right about now...

  3. wish your mum a good belated b-day from me too, Dan.
    Gosh, those lyrics were slightly inappropriate, concerning name-dropping the Challs, who were always so clean-cut!

  4. Ha ha, "60 Minutes".....Nice. Didn't think you got that show on the telly over there;)

  5. Thanks Karl, will do! As for 60 Minutes Dale, we have our own 60 Minutes New Zealand, and we get 60 Minutes Australia too! With 120 minutes all up, I think it's way past time for smoko don't you?

  6. Happy birthday Dan's mum! I didn't know anyone but me actually listened to the New Pornographers. I feel less dirty now.

  7. I can just see the T-Shirts now Random - 'Being a Pornographer isn't dirty - just visit' :) Still, what an amazing voice - it really is a folksie, Fleetwood Mac kind of vibe, but more stripped back.

  8. I'd buy that shirt! Get on it mate;)