Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ARKHAM INK: The Batman Leg Tattoo You'd Be Insane Not To Envy

I once flatted with a girl whose Dad was a tattoo artist. He'd buy 'tattoo friendly' drawings for $15 each - it was easy money. Tattoo friendly pretty much means taking either skulls, the grim reaper and a rattlesnake, or dolphins, geckoes and hearts and throwing them together in any order you fancy. When it comes to comic fans, the subjects that are instant 'wins' for tattoos are just as predictable; Batman, Joker and anyone with Arkham in their resume. Just look at this dude's leg;

While I'm sure everyone who's ever experienced a decent curry wishes Mr Freeze was this close to their butt, you have to give mad props to the guy for getting everyone of Batman's main rogues in (and Robin), as well tattoo artist Carlos Rojas himself for rendering Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman and the rest in detail that's hard to match!

 What do you think? 


  1. Hey, the artist did a great job on those Alex Ross styled tattoos but... the overall product looks gross as fuck. *shudder*
    And when the leg-hair grows back in- Catwoman and Robin will have beards...
    I guess I am insane because I do not envy this bloke at all.

  2. Ha - leg hair does pose an issue King. Maybe that'll teach him for leaving Man-Bat out.

    1. Hey, YEAH! -Where the fuck is Man-Bat?!?

  3. Ypur guess is as good as mine mr. Man-Bat always gets ditched. Where's Killer Croc, Bane or Ivy? You'd think the visual nutters would be first huh?

    Guess there's always the other leg.