Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HOW THE PROS DO IT: The Timelapse Vid Of Felipe Massafera Creating His X-Men: Days Of Future Past Homage

After yesterday's mammoth cover reveal by Empire Magazine, even your Gran is talking about upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. One of the top X-storylines ever sprouted from just a couple of issues. These days it'd be a multi-title crossing, book-launching, tie-in creating, revamping, multi-media, USA Today reveal exclusive monster, but back in the 80's the press came from mainly two things; John Byrne's iconic cover yelling to be picked up off the racks, and the word of mouth it generated.

Of the covers, the one that seems emblazoned on everyone's mind is the visual of Wolverine and Shadowcat with their backs to a wall of wanted posters, outlaying the fates of their fellow X-Men.

While it's hard to believe Beast ever brought it, no matter who draws the image, painter, Felipe Massafera has taken his amazing talents and produced this homage to the icon and his iconic work. Not only that, Felipe has produced a timelapse video of the art's creation, that gives you a 2 minute insight into his processes and through the books around his art-desk, his idols. Heck, Bryne's original is on his screen as he works! 

Click play below and watch the master in action.

 What do you think? 


  1. How very 21st century that Massafera is referring to the original image by scrolling it on his laptop, rather than having the comic itself propped up nearby in full display. :) Awesome recreation, though.

  2. Ha! Good call ComicsFan - maybe he's just afraid of getting the original covered in paint. I know when I get behind a paintbrush, even the dog hides, so I can relate!

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Oh technology, you scary, scary bitch!

  4. That is a truly remarkable piece of artwork. Absolutely took m.y breath away just looking at it

  5. Dale you always have the best way with words. Glad you and Karl both dug it. Truthfully, I've kept this pic for ages but I never got what the thing was in the right corner until last night. But did you see the detail on those pencils (he says changing subject).

  6. Mind-blowing!!!! I have to say if Alex Ross ever decides to retire early, this guy's getting his job.