Sunday, January 19, 2014

MAKING A MARK: Michael Stribling - From Catwomen To Kal-El

Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to one Michael Stribling. Top marks to you if you put Michael's name to the digital Justice League Classified covers he did back in the day or The Phantom comics from Moonstone, but as you can see, this example of 'America's Got Talent' didn't stop there.

The amount of people sketching Green Arrow these days must be rising as quickly as Twitter stock, yet Stribling keeps his compositions straight forward, the detail minimal and the result powerful. The DC52 costume blends in with the backdrop, as Ollie's gaze blares forward.

Black Cat plays with the background even more so, to create an illusion like image, befitting Marvel's best snatch and grab artist. Although I doubt there are few males in the Marvel U that would object to a Hardy visit, this is one cat that rarely gets caught! Catwoman by contrast almost borders on the over detailed, but that in itself plays nicely against her surroundings. 

Christopher Reeves' Superman is not just one of the best experiences comic movies have ever produced, it is one of the best things comics has ever produced, period. While Henry Cavill did a flawless turn at becoming this generation's Reeves, it says something to Christopher's legacy that even post Man of Steel, when you see an image bare his likeness, you think 'Damn he's got Superman right'.

 What do you think?  To see John's gallery, including Supergirl, Green Lantern and Aquaman, click here.


  1. Damn! This Stribling guy is the da man! How you could you not love that Christopher Reeves portrait? And using such warm colors and tones too! Awesome work all the way around. Green Arrow nabs close a second for me.

  2. Thanks Dale! I like fact Supes' cape blends in with the clouds. Simple but boy does it work. Super will also be the theme of todays comics beat to so it matches.

  3. Black Cat has always had SUCH a great design- I don't think you can draw her badly if you tried! Catwoman on the other hand... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

  4. I agree King - Black Cat has one of the 'no need to touch it' costumes in comics. catwoman seems to get a classic look then gives it up two - three years later for no real reason. What's with that?

    1. Well- Catwoman is realistic, I guess... I don't know many women who would wear the same outfit over, and over, and over, and over again...
      I always liked Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin because of that- she was changing her costume almost every issue for awhile there...
      But, yeah- Black Cat is simplistic perfection. That neckline plunges more and more at times, depending on the artist- but that's a change I can live with.

  5. I never liked the Black Cat much as a character in the Spidey books - far too similar to Catwoman, who Im sure she was based on. Catwoman was the original, after all.
    God, though, that incredible Superman portrait...wouldn't it be a lovely gesture if it or a copy was donated to the Reeve family, it would be a smashing reminder of this much missed actor.

  6. Hey Karl, Thanks for the comments mate! I think it must be awesome for the Reeve family to look around and see what Christopher means to so many fans of the genre and just Superman as an American icon. I know I've written two posts on what he meant and did for me alone and I'm on the other side of the globe!