Friday, January 17, 2014

MYSTERY IN SPACE: Adam Strange Takes Stargirl Cosmic In Justice League United

Artistically, any book that keeps Mike McKone working is worth a bob or two. Now the artist who wowed on the likes of Fantastic Four is mixing the streets and the stars once again with the upcoming April debut Justice League United. Though with writer Jeff Lemire, Adam Strange and Martian Manhunter, it might be better if that analogy was turned from streets and stars to Canada and the cosmos.

A giant space-hopping adventure between the two locations, U.S.A. Today also reveal Stargirl, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man and Supergirl as teammates of Adam's, joining him in the high stakes and drama. Adam himself though has undergone a bit of a personality switch with his classic DC 'other half' Alanna.

More so than now being Canadians, Adam's swashbuckling nature will now be a trademark of Alanna's, while Strange is a "nerdy science guy" albeit in a newly designed suit.

Replacing Justice League of America, which ends earlier in April, the United team will be based in Northern Ontario, and head to Adam Strange's 'other' homeworld of Rann in the first arc. Seeing how Animal Man works in space, as well as how a Martian and Kryptonian are received by other races, shows this cast has a potent mix.

With the next arc scheduled for Rann's old DC warring partner Thanagar, and a love/hate relationship between Green Arrow and Animal Man on the cards, it looks like Canada's main line of defence in the DCU, is no longer the Royal Mounties, but one just as colourful.

 What do you think? 


  1. Green Arrow is Rocket Raccoon, Kara is Gamora, Animalman is Groot,
    Manhunter is Drax, Stargirl is Captain Marvel, and Adam Strange is Star Lord.

    Am I close.?.

  2. Damn OA, I didn't even catch that but the link is there for sure. Good spotting man!

  3. This reminds me of the Brave and the Bold series from several yeas ago that had Adam and Supergirl and Lobo teaming up for an outer space adventure.
    Mike McKone? Cant say Im impressed too much - he always draws such long faces. Still, I will give this a try especially as it involves such diverse characters.

  4. Hey Karl - when you do let me know what you think of it mr! I miss Brave and The Bold, DC Comics Presents, Marvel Two-In-One and all those great rotating guest star comics. I think there is a huge need for done-in-one reads to come back anchored as they were by the biggest icons.

  5. Seems like a modern-day lineup for the Forgotten Heroes to me. McKone drawing this series has my attention, but the lineup needs a goose or two.

    1. Or three ........ what is a goose?

  6. Hey Doug! I hope Mike brings the same magic he brought to the Titans here - he's always been in that burgeoning superstar artist category with the likes of Stuart Immonen to me. Stuart stepped into the big leagues over at Marvel, my fingers are crossed this book does the same for McKone at DC.

  7. I didn't catch that obvious but blatant diss/rip-off of Marvel's Guardians. Damn good eye Tiger!
    Fucking DC, you just continue to disappoint me.