Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Shi, Liberty Belle, Lady Deathstrike and The Invisible Woman

The last few editions of Now Comes The Cosplayer have been pretty male heavy. Now don't get me wrong, the cosplay efforts of 'Static', 'Bane', 'Scarlet Spider' and the rest were fantastic and all, but let's dedicate this week to addressing the gender imbalance. Starting with the best of the 90's 'bad-girls', Shi...

If we flashed back to the conventions of the decade that brought us Lady Death and (gulp) Beverly Hills 90210, we'd see many more fans pounding 'Con floors, dressed as Ana Ishikawa then we sadly do today. Billy Tucci's art of his iconic creation has stood the test of time, so let's hope a few more ladies follow in 'Shi's' silent footsteps in future.

The Justice Society's Liberty Belle has one of the most classic name and look combos in the DC Comics universe, and busted at Orlando's Mega Con - this cosplayer lives up to the legacy just fine! Photographed by MV Partsch, be she Jesse Quick or Libby Lawrence, she looks like she truly stands for truth, justice and all things goodly.

Unlike Belle, whose outfit has lived on, it always gutted me that in the movie X-2, they didn't run with Lady Deathstrike's comic book look (even just a black leather version). It's perfect!

Like Shi's it blends Eastern traditions with kick assery. As proven by cosplayer Angela Bermúdez, the dress turns Yuriko Oyama into a mean weapon of mass destruction right on sight.

While it's hard to cosplay Mr Fantastic, The Human Torch or The Thing tastefully - even with the help of Photoshop and similar programs - model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais has launched a photographic tribute to Susan Storm, perfectly capturing her motherly softness and strength.

Reed has definitely been analysing the wrong assets all these years.

Photographed by Jeff Zoet, you can see more in this series here.

 What do you think?  


  1. oh man i was just trying to leave a comment on this Invisible Woman cosplay on facebook until you took that posting down. dude, you couldn't miss that cleavage even if she was invisible. what are you doing up so early by the way?

  2. That Shi! Oh, man... I'll be in my bunk.

  3. It's back up on the Facebook page mr - I just posted as me rather than IADW, so had to change identities faster than a 'Flame On!' can do. Glad you liked the Invisible Woman Dave - makes you look at the Mother of the Marvel U in a whole new way huh?

    King - I was mega impressed with Shi too! If the backdrop was a little better she could've easily been the poster child to this post - it's an incredible job and she makes that outfit work!

  4. As for what I'm doing up Dave, the post went up at 6am that's pretty usual for Daywalkers down under ;)

  5. I'm doing/fucking Cosplay Sue. I call dibs fellas. If not, I then call dibs on Liberty Belle. She can ring my bells/balls anytime. Just don't scratch 'em baby; I just got a fresh new coat of paint on them.

    Admirable job by the Lady Deathstrike cosplayer. Maybe if those nails were real, she could get a decent spot in the Guinness world records?

  6. That Invisible Woman one is AWESOME
    ....the peeps over at my FF forum would go ape over this. I've just come on third im our new caption competition but this beats that by a New York Minute. Outstanding.

    Dale , why are you painting your balls?

    1. Now there's a question I never thought I'd see on my site. Maybe Dale's taking up body paint cosplay?

      Congrats on the bronze Karl. Captioning the moment can be a tricky thing. As for Invisible Woman above, I've seen a lot of fans be her, but none have put in this much effort with the effects, professional photography etc! Glad ya liked!

  7. I think Dale if more villains tried to break world records and stuff over killing Wolverine, they'd probably be more successful. Mind you, he does die almost annually in some way or another so maybe not.

  8. Sue Richards and those bubbles FTW. All the cosplayers here has taken it to higher levels (I Luv it) and the way the Liberty Belles stand up is so nice. Nothing beats cosplay.

  9. Thanks OA - looks like it's the Invisible Woman's week, although Belle and Shi had their supporters, Sue's outfit has yet to leave anyone feeling blue. Good to see ya as always mr!

  10. Dale. Im not too good on how to copy and post things computer-wise - Id love to post this pic on the FF forum. How would I go about it, or transfer it to my Google+ page?

  11. I could wait for Dale to respond to you Karl, but it might be easier if I tell you the Invisible Woman is also proving a hit on the It's A Dan's World Google+ page. If you go to google.com/+ItsadansworldNet you should find it there to share and use easy as anything.

  12. Thanks Dan [now Im getting people mixed up[!][].
    I'll go check it out.