Saturday, January 25, 2014

NOW THAT'S A SPLASH PAGE: New Warrior Namorita Flies High

Splash pages, you gotta love 'em. A blank canvas where the artist can hit you with a large dose of illustrated 'wow'. This week, with the re-launch of The New Warriors, I wanted to post one of the most memorable splashes of the franchises most iconic run, which nicely enough is about a new starts as well.

This splash would later be altered for a blue skinned Namorita and used to promote the likes of the team meeting X-Force, under 'What's a gill like this doing in the New Warriors?' (their pun not mine). Still is an amazing piece in it's (and Nita's) original form, and the new series would be a perfect spot to bring the Atlantean powerhouse back.

While a splashie of a bikini-clad female was nothing new in 90's comics, in New Warriors it was. Despite having Namor's cousin, Namorita in their ranks, artist Darick Robertson and writer Fabian Nicieza left the moment to highlight Nita's re-evaluation of life.

Trust me, when you've been the key player in a Middle Eastern war, fought armoured poachers stripping your heritage and had a one-night stand with a man who stole your black book and used it to torture and kill the family members of your teammates, you'd do your thinking at 15,000 feet too.

 What do you think?  For more great splash pages, click here.


  1. ~Ahhh, Namorita... my comic-book-girl crush.

  2. Namorita is one of those minor league characters we shouldn't like much, because they never amount to much, but we do. I remember seeing her in an old Avengers from the 70s which had a tie-in to Super-Villain Team-up [Attuma had forced the Avengers to attack Doombase where he was performing curative experiments on Namorita's race, or somesuch like it - its been a while!].
    I liked it when she went out with the Human Torch, and filled in for him in volume thee of the FF for a couple of issues, and she appeared in one issue of his own Torch series, but Id heard shed been killed off a couple of years ago, yet no mention of it at all in any comics - whats Namorita's status?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    She sure was made to be the pin-up of the New Warriors crew King - me I thought Firestar was the go, but we gingas stick together.

    Karl, I can't remember where I first came across Namorita... Either John Byrne's Namor or in the pages of Captain America. Not sure which bet what. I never thought she would leave that role either, let alone grab so many meaty roles as Fabian handed her here. When this book was king, she even outranked Namor for me at least, and to do that to a Kirby/Colan legacy character is a pretty hard feat!

    I always thought her going with Johnny was a classic spin on the old Torch vs Namor battles of early Marvel. I felt she was better off with Nova, but hey, I write about comics not love and relationships ;)

    Namorita was killed in the Stamford disaster that kicked off Marvel's Civil War (she was closest to Nitro when he went 'BOOMskie!'). She was masterfully brought back into the Marvel U in Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Nova series, where they met Namorita prior to the big bang and flung her back to this timeline. She hasn't cropped up since which is odd, but if she doesn't hop up in The new Warriors which starts next month, I'd say look for her in The Invaders. That team needs a few next gen characters.

    1. Oh, for sure- Firestar.
      -Kitty Pryde, and her, were every boy's girlfriend, respectively!

  4. Oh I knew shed been killed off in Civil War but couldn't recall jow of if shed been brought back, such iz the confusing continuity of comics thdzd days.
    Funny how u mentioned Firestar im currently reading thd Avengers from 1999 to 2003 and she and Justice were members there. ..bit annoyed at theway tthey were written out...after 25 issues of trying so hard to be Avengers they suddenly up and left (!).

  5. I love that run of Avengers Karl. The Juggernaut issues wreek of editorial wanting an event crossover, but Busiek sure knew how to write great Assembling.

    That line-up change was a shocker. Wasp and She Hulk back among others but no Firestar, Vision or Cap. It made me feel like Kurt was tipping the hat to the originals being overhauled by Cap and three crims!

  6. It sure was a surprise. Such a dramatic line up change but all my favourites like SheHulk and Ms Marvel plus the Pyms back. Today Im on issue 29 with Kulan Gath as the villain.
    Ive been reading a LOT of Perez stuff lately - the first New Teen Titans Omnibus , another ru of WW and now volume 3 of the Buziek/Perez run.
    Im all Perez-d out!

  7. King ya know I never got the Shadowcat think till Excalibur. Just slow I guess. I liked Storm as the mohawk girl she looked like she'd stepped out of one of my punk magazines.

    Karl, check out his work on CrossGen Chronicles if you get a chance. His flying boats were amazing.