Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ON A WARPATH: Empire Magazine Unleashes 25 Variant Covers, Debuting The Core Cast Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

In a move that puts any comic cover trick known to man or mutant to shame, the latest issue of Empire Magazine has revealed 25 different variants. As each carries a character of note, some sport the debut appearances of the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast, such as Quicksilver and Sunspot (heck, there's even one for Director Bryan Singer)!

The bumper-ish-ness doesn't stop there. The issue which hits stands on January 30th features a whopping 34 page feature on the blockbuster movie. A film tipped to prepare Fox's X-Men cinema-verse for future films such as X-Force, X-Men: Apocalypse and Fantastic Four, which will share the same universe.

From Storm to Warpath, Wolverine to Wolverine, the 25 separate images are being released sporadically throughout the day, and all hero (or villain) shots connect to form one massive image. While the final poster spread is too long to post here, below are the covers released so far, in easy to view chunks, for you to click-to-enlarge or connect.

Covers 1 - 5: Sentinel, Havok, Toad, William Stryker, Bolivar Trask

Covers 6 - 10: Mystique, Beast, Quicksilver, Magneto (young), Charles Xavier

Covers 11 - 15: Wolverine, Bryan Singer - Director, Wolverine (modern day), Magneto (modern day), Professor X

Covers 16 - 20: Storm, Rogue, Warpath, Shadowcat, Sunspot

Covers 21 - 25: Blink, Iceman, Bishop, Colossus and the Sentinel of the future.

Now that's a cast and a half of full cream milk right there. The Sentinel's both past and present look wicked, Blink is here, Iceman looks older than twelve, and Warpath looks ripe for X-Force! Enough from me though...

 What do you think? 


  1. Amazing set of covers - tho it might set some back a pretty pennies to get the entire set. Cost me small mortgage just getting the Radio Times covers with all eleven Dr.Who's on them.
    I wish the Sentinel looked like the comic version, all the same. With a stellar massive cast like this, I hope the ensuing movie wont be too cluttered.

  2. I was angry that Sunfire wasn't Japanese then realised I was looking at Da Costa - that'll do nicely

  3. Thanks guys! Karl, yip it sure will dip into the food budget to get all 25, though I keep looking at Trask's cover and calling it 'Puck' most of them do a great job of showing off their heroes. I wish Shadowcat was actually using her powers and phasing through some rubble, but maybe the deal was for full body shots only to reveal the costumes in full, so who knows.

    We should be fine on the cluttered stakes, there were two teams in X-Men First Class, and that worked out fine. Will just be interesting to see who they focus more screen time on...

    Hey B.C. - thanks for sharing a few words Mr! Yip the New Mutant man himself is on the case, and hopefully in time he might secondary mutate into his Kirby-dot crackling self - that would look awesome on screen. If the X-Force movie pulls through the usual New Mutant / X-Forcer's, he and Warpath are a lock in, but if I was Cable, I'd also grab Havok. That's always been a dream team shift of mine. How about you?

  4. Looks to me like Sunspot is the wrong nationality. Blink and Bishop look awesome as fuck! So does the retro-Sentinel. Kind of hate the future one, though. I like how Rogue gets a cover even though she was cut from the movie! I'm glad Shadowcat and Iceman are back. And I know a lot of people are hating on Quicksilver but... I like him- at least he's not just in black leather like almost everyone else!

  5. Hey King! Quicksilver actually reminds me of Impulse or that evil Impulse that used to run round in green. Anywho I think they did a good job, Quicksilver does have one of the worst outfits in comics, though I did like the Mike Deodato Avengers one for a moment.

    Warpath is my winner, but jeepers did they get Blink nailed down. Guess they knew lots of eyes would land there. Rouge I put down to contractual red-tape or the cover project starting wayy before she left. Still a kiwi on any cover is a good deal to me!

    Iceman hasn't found a Gillette stockist since he stepped off the set of Lord of The Rings, but I like the look too. I personally feel the biggest drop of the ball is on Havok. He looks like a janitor on an advert for indigestion - I'm just waiting for the Gaviscon or Alka Seltzer tablet to come down and soothe the burn. What happened to his trademark circles from the comics and the last movie? Where's the black - they put everyone else in it?

    Hollywood folk will we ever understand em?

    1. Right on, right on- I didn't even make the Impulse connection, but he does, yeah... he'll probably have a similar attitude in the movie, too. Yeah, Warpath looks fine... I guess. Never gave a fuck about the character really though. So I guess that's why I just passed right over him. I doubt he, or Colossus, will have a big part at all. And I'm afraid Blink will barely be in it too- She'll either be the catalyst to start it off (but that will probably be Bishop) or the MacGuffin to save the day at the end and set up Age of Apocalypse. Or even worse- she'll be nothing like the actual character and just some future freedom fighter.
      Havok (Hahaha- janitor on an advert for indigestion!) and Toad look pretty bad. Also- why Toad? And past Magneto's costume looks a bit shit. I'm also fearful of them severely downplaying Shadowcat's role in the story. -Because Hollywood does not understand ANYTHING. Still, those are just complaints based on crappy Photoshopped covers to a magazine. I'm pumped for the movie. I loved First Class. I like all the X-Men films... even 3- I don't get the hate on that one. -It's pure comic-book insanity!

  6. The one future past meeting I wouldve liked most, innocent Mystique meets kick all Stryker's troops single-handedly Mystique. If X-Men 3 needs a boo for anything it's pulling the plug on Rebbecca's stellar work. But yeah I'm the same I LOVED First Class, and can't wait for this one. Sooner we get to X-Men: Apocalypse and I can get my Archangel the better.