Tuesday, January 21, 2014

RISE THEY SHALL: Latest 300 Trailer Gives Something To Stand For

Xerxes hated showing up at a party and seeing someone wearing the same necklace
If movie trailers triggered fairground strength testers with their effectiveness, the hammer brought down by the initial vids for 300: Rise of an Empire would've been lucky if they'd passed the halfway mark. Now, almost a mere month from its March 7th release, the final trailer is unleashed. Not only does it lay the hammer down as only the mightiest Spartan warrior could do, it smashes the bell atop the meter, ringing it loud and clear for all to hear.

Best of all, here on IADW, it's in BIG screen (popcorn not supplied)! 

Forget Greeks vs Persians, whoever hired Eva Green as Artemesia needs a raise. It's all I'm saying.

 What Do You Think? 

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