Monday, January 06, 2014

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Man Arrested Selling Stolen Brains In Dairy Queen Carpark

If you think the Scarlet Witch once believing she had given birth to babies from an Android daddy is a little weird, that's got nothing on the real world. This place is full of bizarre! Let's look at Indianapolis, where the Monday night meat market is a race all of it's own.

On the night of December 16th 2013, David Charles was caught selling the Doom Patrol rogue The Brain, in the carpark of a local Dairy Queen. Okay, I lie, it wasn't The Brain, Krang from the Ninja Turtles or even that Brainiape from Savage Dragon with the cerebrum of Adolf Hitler in a Gorilla's body. It was just plain ol' human Brain that two-first-name David Charles had previously stolen from the Indiana Medical History Museum - brains that once belonged to the former psychiatric treatment center's patients.

While someone should have told Charles, 48 jars of brain in a duffle bag isn't what people mean about selling pickles and preserves in a car boot sale, the twenty-one year old wasn't the only bright spark in this investigation. The police team's informant claims he brought six jars of brains off Charles online for $600 plus shipping. How are police not bothered by this guy - he was searching 'BRAINS FOR SALE' on eBay.

I tell ya, the world is safer when we all just look at porn.

 What do you think?  


  1. Yeah- this sounds like it came straight out of a comic book.

    Wait, isn't BrainApe a Savage Dragon character? They did use him in the Savage Dragon/Hellboy crossover that one time, but... Damn it- I hate to be "that guy" but I can't help myself: You forgot the 'r' in Krang.

  2. He sure is a S.D character King, the team-up is one of his greatest appearances huh? mind you Dragon and Hellboy could easilly spend more time together in my book!

  3. For sure, it was a totally awesome team-up! Wayyy better than The Maxx and Pitt... or The Max and Gen 13... You know what else was good? -The two Savage Dragon/TMNT crossovers. Oh- AND the Savage Dragon/Superman crossover! Good stuff.
    FIX THAT KANG! Sure- Kang the Conqueror Vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be cool... But it's KRANG! "It would be a waste of time to talk about Krang on television." -Oh, 30 Rock- you were awesome...

  4. I'm camping at the moment mate so its all pre-posted articles and comments til I get home tonight. My smartphone doesnt like the backend to the site or both would be fixed by now.

    The Dragon vs Turtles was awesome! I brought two of those issues. One to stick the cover on my wall. But hey it was the 90's!

  5. Oh, Thank you! I can sleep now...
    Camping? Excuses, excuses- don't blame nature!
    Yeah- the 90's often made you buy two of a lot of things... it was weird.