Saturday, January 04, 2014

WILL YOU BE MY WONDER WOMAN: The Ring Themed After DC's Premiere Heroine

Wonder Woman was taught to fight in an arena of amazon warriors, on an island of amazons. While that means she can jump, chop, punch and kick with the best of them, there's always one move that as a fan gets me clapping; the tiara toss. Be you Darkseid or Silver Swan, when that headband is coming off, your ass is grass.

Taking the Avenging Amazon's often overlooked weapon as inspiration, Paul Michael Design have fashioned this Wonder Woman ring, designed for slightly more positive moments than end of the world confrontations, if not just as a new hat for your favourite Barbie.

Featuring five custom cut rubies, the ring itself comes in five different materials, ranging from the platinum at $15,711.07 (because seven cents counts when it's already over 15k), to the yellow gold ($1996.75) to the more bullets and bracelets friendly silver ring at $744.87.

While other pop-culture hits Paul has jeweler-ised include R2D2, Boba Fett, Black Widow and (cough) Pokemon, if your partner is a fan of a Diana from any Crisis, this ring can truly bring a touch of Paradise Island to your relationship. Just don't expect it to act like a lasso of truth.

 What do you think? 


  1. that's gonna be my future wife's wedding ring rather she likes it or not.

  2. With a price tag like that Dave, I think mine will have to stick with the one that comes inside the box of Cap'n Crunch, but hey, it's the thought that counts right?

    1. well, someone's up early today. i saw your comment over at the Rom blog too you were pretty thorough with what was on your mind. hey i just sent you something on farce book.

  3. Okay, see- I want that.
    I'm straight as fuck- but I would wear that thing all day! All DAY, son!

  4. Judging from the dudes Facebook page King, you're not alone. With a price tag like that I'd end up sleeping under the bridge if I brought it, but hey, who doesn't want a location with good indoor / outdoor flow?

  5. I bought a WW silver ring back in the 90s and thought that was that was tops but this is TOO MUCH! The price of it too! Youd need to be an Amazon Princess to afford that, plus it looks garish. like something Liberace would wear [not that Id know what hed like, LOL.].

  6. Lets just hope he makes his money before the cease and desist orders come Karl - or he might be needing deep pockets of his own.