Monday, February 03, 2014

CHARGING STAR! Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer Mirrors SuperBowl Outcome Against Its Competitors

Damn Falcon is awesome isn't he? Back when Marvel Super Heroes was as close to the House of Ideas as Capcom had ever come, my cheat move was; pick Captain America, trap opponent in a corner and repeat 'Charging Star' move until victory was mine or the player on the other controller started to sulk. Yeah, I was that guy.

While this weekends NFL Super Bowl XLVIII closed with a score that was almost a whitewash of a similar nature, in between there were some tasty morsels. Doberhuahua's were introduced, Sony spotlighted Amazing Spider-Man 2's rogues with new footage, and at the head of the pack, Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us a new trailer. Why, as coincidence would have it, it's this one right here.

Yeah, something tells me Winter Soldier just might be Marvel Studios best yet. As for that Amazing Spider-Man 2 rogues sizzle reel, feast your spider-senses on this;

Not only is Electro's voice insanely cool, the Spidey-humour is pitch perfect! So,...

 What do you think? 


  1. Yeah- the Spidey-humor is perfect IN THE TRAILER. -I was fooled last time by that too. Although this one DOES look much better than the first. I HATE Ultimate Spider-Man so much, though- and that's where this series is pulling from so... meh, over-all. Also- Max Dillon turns evil because Spidey can't remember his name??? Come on...
    Falcon. Yeah. I guess the wings look cool. They could not take ANY design elements from his comic-costume, though? Not even a little red and white trim, maybe? Or have the wings be a really dark, muted red? Bad enough they took all the red out of Cap's jumper.
    I'm old, and cranky!!!
    I just watched Thor 2 a few nights ago... what a MESS!
    Ant-Man and Guardian of The Galaxy look more up my alley, so hopefully they won't disappoint. Captain America looks good, too. -I'm just not down with some of the costume choices...

  2. Heya King, it's Rhino that gutts me. I get a robot suit 'makes more sense' but I just know when I watch the film, I'm still going to be saying, I wish the rampaging rogue was a little more 'classic Marvel'.

    I hope Falcon gets a Redwing before the flick is done. I think that's an often overlooked part of the character, is that he can train birds of prey. Black Canary next ;)

    As for Cap, what he is running around in is taken exactly from the comics, so I don't mind so much. It is the Marko Djurdjevic designed cozzie they gave Steve Rogers while Winter Soldier was running round being Captain America. If I was marko I'd be celebrating being recognised with a few rounds of vodka - if he received any royalty for it's use of course.

    1. Well- at least Rhino (I assume) will still have the whole "guy trapped inside his suit" thing going for it. But Ultimate "Electric Eels" Blulectro? Gross. I hate it so much. MAYBE the performance will overshadow the look... But there are not many movies I can think of where I like the sequel, but hated the first one. -Usually goes the other way around.

      Ha! Watch- if he gets RedWing it will be some kind of black, flying, SHIELD-issued robot-thing that won't even look like a bird and will make some kind of chirping noise.

      Is it? -Yeah, I was not into that Cap storyline... Not an Ed Brubaker fan.

  3. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Any superhero movie with Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti as supervillians has gotta have some cool factor. I love how they bring out the cool actors to play the heavies in these deals. Like the Batman t.v. show!
    A long and honorable tradition.

  4. Thanks guys and welcome to IADW anon.

    King, speaking of better the first time round, it'll be interesting to see how Sony handle Green Goblin their second turn at bat.

    Anon, next Monday I take on of the foes of the old Batman show and show another side to them that may surprise you. Promise it's not Adam West.

    1. It's prolly just gonna be Ultimate Green Goblin. Although the still I saw looked just like Goblin Jr. from Spidey 3.

      -Oh, sounds intriguing!

  5. Movies like this restore my faith in hollyweird, when they finally get it right. Go Cap!

  6. I like that Cap is disagreeing with S.H.I.E.L.D. too - that's one of the best parts of the character. He's the man out of time whose ideals conflict with modern politics. Not a patsy of the White House.