Saturday, February 15, 2014

DON'T MIND THE LOGO: New Warriors #1 Preview Smells Like Teen Spirits Should

Yeah, if I was Speedball, I'd try to hide that logo to.

The relaunch of the much missed New Warriors title at Marvel is now just days away. While the run-up promotional campaign highlighted the fact the logo that branded the original fan-favourite run still had plenty of gas in the tank, at the last moment it has been bizarrely ditched for one that doesn't seem that youthful or creative - let alone one that seems to read 'Warriors New' among other design faults.

Hey, maybe people who speak broken English will think their time has come, and as the Bard said; "What's in a name? A rose by any other logo would smell as sweet." Okay, I'm paraphrasing here, but run with it.

Armed with a glorious J.Scott Campbell variant cover, the preview below does kinda have a whiff of that classic run vibe to it.

Sure Justice looks more 'Marvel Boy' than 'former Avenger' in body size, but the fun is there, the mistakes are there, and Speedball's still Speedball. As much as things change, some stay the same. Thank God.

Click to enlarge to read, and watch for New Warriors #1 (or Warriors New #1) next week from Marvel.

 What do you think? 


  1. A few weeks back I re-read Avengers volume 3, where Justice and Firestar were now members, and very good they were too, it felt like theyd truly come of age. Now that appears all wiped out with him returning to the New Warriors, and Firestar has flown the coop to the X-Men, *sigh*.

  2. Those issues are awesome Karl! I think Firestar would be on my team if I wrote the X-Men to - she started there and her history as a Hellion means shes got quite a bit of depth and history to play off especially in seeing Emma Frost as a hero. Plus having being an Avenger she can add that weight in.

    I don't get why in some projects between here and there they have deaged the duo, that's the worst part, but like the Titans are to Nightwing and Donna, I think the Warriors will always be home to Ang and Vance, because providing a home to heroes who don't want to be or agree with the A's or the X's is important to them, because thats what the team offered them, when they disagreed with the world.

    Justice had lost his Avenger magic in Avengers Academy and seemed out of place again. With the Avengers now having a roster of billions rather than eight, to get sorted again he needs to come home.

  3. I am soooooo pumped for this! I'm not crazy for the Speedball redesign, but it's not bad... It could have been so much worse. At least he still has his multicolored kinetic-energy bubbles... His speech-bubbles are not yellow, though! *grumble*gripe* I'm still on board.
    That logo is well shit, though. But then- look at the DC Nu52 logos... seems you can get a degree in design nowadays just by showing up.

  4. Hey, where have the yellow speech balls gone? I tell ya, there's no respect for the classics these days! Thanks King.

    1. No respect at all! ...and that's how you know you're getting old.