Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HE SHOOTS, HE SPITS! The First Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

In the future, days before this will be regarded as pre-Rocket Raccoon (PRR). Sure comic fans have known about the foul-mouthed tyke for a while, but non-comic fans always like to think they discovered what's been around for decades when they find it anyways.

What makes this day so important? It's the first trailer of Marvel Studios' Guardians of The Galaxy. It's cosmic. It's epic. And yes, it has Rocket Raccoon.

Yip, we are now officially in orbit for what could well be the biggest Marvel Studios film yet. Led by half-human, half-alien Peter Quill/Star Lord (Chris Pratt), aliens Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), and Groot (Vin Diesel), will rock the Guardians of the Galaxy movie as it opens August 1st in a theatre near you. But more importantly...

 What did you think? 


  1. All kinds of fuck yes! The tone for this is PERFECT! And I'm SOOO happy with how they all look! And NEBULA!!! HOLY SHIT! -SHE LOOKS AMAZING!
    Those bastards knew what they were doing, not letting us hear Rocket talk yet. And I hope they never show Groot talk in the trailers- I mean, he can only say the one thing- save it for the movie... Time to watch this again. -For, like, the 30th time.

  2. Yeah I can't believe they even made the wind the finger joke funny again too - that's scripting class right there.

    Rocket on Groots shoulders all guns blazing is too wicked for words. With a cast of anti-heroes this cool, do we even need a rogue?

    I swear I'd even get this trailer as a ringtone if i could. Glad you dug it too King!

  3. Loving this for what it is ans what it's not. I'm actually looking forward to this now, despite being mostly action comedy. Not bad, just hope Pratt doesn't overdue it with the snark.

    Hooked on a feeling huh? Only in Amurica;)

  4. I like that they went 'full retard' on this concept. It needs to be a little 'off' to be successful and I think it's going to be awesome. Big fan.

  5. Hey Kal and Dale - thanks for the comments! I like the humour too - it's going to be a bit more Serenity than Star Wars which is brill, because especially DnA's run had the humour and action in pretty much equal helpings. Once non comic fans dig Rocket, then we can bring in Cosmo the telepathic pooch and really show them how inter-species the Guardians line-up is!

    As for Hooked on a Feeling Dale, you know that feeling when you hit play but you actually hit shuffle and something random comes out? I bet it was one of those. He was probably hoping for a Comics Beat, or Even a Kiwi Tune!

  6. good timing with this posting of this trailer. i was just looking over at the Bill Mantlo facebook fan page and they were feeling pretty dodgy about this trailer and i don't em now that i've seen it. hopefully i'll be pleasantly surprised like i was with Robocop but i'm definitely gonna wait until i hear about it after it opens before i consider seeing it. thanks for the kind words over at the Rom blog let me know what you thought of Robocop after you get back from seeing it.

  7. No worries Dave - I'm hoping to type RoboCop up today. I think you and I might agree on some movies after all :)