Friday, February 07, 2014

HOW THE PROS DO IT: Joe Mad Explains His Evolution In Style, Thoughts On X-Men And Battle Chasers (Video)

The artist with the best looking 'finished pencils' in the biz? Joe Madureira. Seriously, just Google image search 'Joe Mad Pencils' and watch your computer shutdown over the awesomeness that results.

His Spider-Man is untouchable, his Darksiders blind with brilliance and his upcoming sketches for Marvel's Inhuman show the Fantastic Four supporting characters in a whole new way, despite being decades old.

The new Joe Mad! has evolved to another level completely. His new style still has all the elements of the east meets west technique that saw his Uncanny X-Men turn fans insane, but there's added detail in areas like scope and body language that animate the panel and pages more than ever.

Luckily, Joe sat down with Game Informer to draw Death and talk style, Battle Chasers and a love of westerns.

 What do you think? 


  1. I enjoy stuff he has done other than his X-Men run; which I just personally hated- and Battle Chasers; which is just shit (and was also SUCH a fiasco...) I first saw him on Excalibur... and some Deadpool mini I had back in the early 90's... but did not recognize the name until he blew up on X-Men. And then you go back and you're like "Ohhhh! Okay." -But that's when I quit getting X-Men. His style clashed- I could not get into it.
    But- is that Medusa with a giant hair-fist??? That just may be the coolest thing I have ever fucking seen!

  2. I know right - I tell ya: created by Lee and Kirby - reborn by Joe Mad in 2014.
    The second sketch of her underneath is pretty wicked too. Rumour has it he was going to put a third on the page but there's a limit as to how much awesome an A4 can hold.

  3. I thought that looked like Medusa behind him but I wasn't sure,,,
    Joe M. and his art is...well...mad, isn't it, very Manga in parts. What was that Ultimates mini-series he did a couple of years back, that was crazy and compulsive to read. Im currently considering re-reading my entire Ultimates collection and this post reminded me of that time.
    Did he ever draw Danger Girl at one point or is that wishful thinking?

  4. Hey Karl! As cool as it would have been, I don't think the Cliffhanger artists did anything major on each others titles. He did a cover to issue #6, but I think that's as far as it went.