Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'LL BE BAT: Terminator vs Batman Fan Film Nails Judgement Day

I've dedicated a post before to how one of the key projects that sealed my fate as a fan was the Kubert brothers on the original Batman vs Predator. Now Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond have almost replicated that exact level of awesome, with a fan film pitting a Frank Miller-ish Dark Knight against another 80's action icon; The Terminator.

30 years after surviving SkyNet's original nuclear blasts, Batman makes his way across the iron demon infested wastelands, to unite with the man as determined as he at ending mankinds oppression, John Conner. Check it out;

Far, far too short, the possibilities of this crossover are endless! How wicked would SkyNet ravaging through a ruined Gotham be? John Connor could head the League of Shadows, and Edward Nygma could offer refuge in a safe area of the city that sensors just read as a question. So, so many great possibilities - wasn't that one eyed dude Deathstroke?! - hopefully these guys get to continue their story, in the same Spawn Animated-ish style, in the very near future.

 What do you think? 


  1. this was pretty cool but at the cost of being nit picky i think Batman's voice needed a bit of work.

  2. Thanks Dave - glad you like it Mr! Batman with a mustache aye - who would've thought? I Wonder if it's even shaped like a bat?