Tuesday, February 18, 2014

IT'S AN ACTION FIGURE!! The Top Five Releases From ToyFair 2014

I equate going to ToyFair as the action figure lover in me's version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Only one kicker, they're all behind massive glass cases! I mean, how can you have a mass post-apocalyptic all-toys in, one toy leaves, royal rumble if you can't touch any? They really need to highlight that before you buy a ticket.

Anyway, from all the ultra-cool and awesome of this years 2014 ToyFair, here are my Top Five picks (coming from a guy whose birthday ain't that far away).

5) LEGO SUPER-HEROES LEGO is as big now as it ever was - if not bigger, so what a better time to expand upon the Marvel and DC Lego lines than now. Duplo and LEGO Jr also get in on the act, with X-Men, Spider-Man and Avengers sets to name just a few. Highlights: M.O.D.O.K. and Sentinels cross over into the LEGO-verse bringing all that's cool with them, and the Captain America vs Hydra assault truck includes The Red Skull!

4) STREET FIGHTER Newcomer Capo hit a hadoken unveiling the first wave of their 6-9″ tall Street Fighter figures (sculpted by Rocco Tartamella), with 20 points of bone-crunching articulation. Highlights: Sagat is the highest ranking big-bad of the wave, and boy does he look it. Grab Blanka as well, and 'Round 1' is set to go!

3) DC / SQUARE ENIX Square Enix have done a massive job of taking their Final Fantasy stylings and applying it to DC's best, and in 2014 that is set to continue with Deathstroke, Robin and more. Highlights: Easily the best and most surprising of the line; Rorschach. Better still, Enix have left his look relatively untouched!

2) GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY There are a whole range of GoTG toys coming down the chute from Hasbro, including a Rocket Racoon mask, Star Lord blaster and three spaceship toys - one a Nova Corps Star Blaster! Highlights: The Big Blastin' Rocket Racoon, and Star Lord and Nova from the Marvel Legends Tie-In.

1) MARVEL SUPER-HERO MASHERS I'm really glad this line is continuing. It's constructive / deconstructive fun is definitely the kind of stuff that will bring new fans into comics. Three new vehicles are offered by Hasbro in 2014, plus a Wave Two that includes a brown and yellow Wolverine and Green Goblin among other characters. Wave Three features Iceman, Deadpool and more. Highlights: If this site is ever late, blame the upcoming Ghost Rider and Venom Mashers. Or the Spider-Man / Dr Octopus 'Mash Pack'. It will seriously be that simple.

 What do you think? 


  1. Lego MODOK for the win! I must have that.
    -Those Super Hero Mashers look like less fun Xevoz.

  2. If I was in charge of Marvel marketing King, M.O.D.O.K. would head every toy line that came out. Him and Galactus.

  3. The GoTG figures look just like my speed. Nova looks clean, almost right out of the comic. Lego is really doing it... consistently. I'm probably going to see the movie with my crew. Tell ya bought it if I do.

  4. Nice one OA - do - everytime I walk past the LEGO stand up Batman outside our theatre I think should I or shouldn't I? You're right about Nova too - Dan Abnett and Andy Lannings version made 3D I reckon.

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. I'll give the GoTG toys a good look, provided they hit the local wal-mrt and k-mart stores.
    Indeed, Lego MODOK for the win. How sick, and cute as shit does he look?

    The marvel mashers, as neat as they potentially seem, really are for the younger kids(and adults) out there. But at least it's a fun concept for the kids.

    That Sagat figure looks sick as hell though, the Rorschach one too!