Sunday, February 02, 2014

MAKING A MARK: Jeff Chapman - The Cheesecake Artist Producing More Than Wonder Women

Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes digital artist Jeff Chapman. He's the American who proves the term 'cheesecake artist' is not the derogatory term it borders on being, by proving what made the genre such a popular movement in the first place; beautiful, tasteful, wonder women.

Evil-Lyn seems to hold Skeletor's head in her hands, and why not? Portrayed like this, the true terror of Snake Mountain is probably converting folk to the dark side as we speak! Based on a drawing of FighterDiet spokesperson and person trainer Pauline Nordin, by Jose Carlo G. Mendoza, She-Hulk makes me wish Chapman was on cover duty for the upcoming series of the Jade Giantess. Just imagine that shade of green staring out off the racks monthly!

Inspired by the promo art of the Man of Steel movie, Power Girl is the next heavy hitter to get the Chapman treatment. From She-Ra to Lady Jaye to Diana from the cartoon adventures of Dungeons and Dragons, Jeff renders them all, his photo manipulation abilities just growing from piece to piece - even when he steps over onto male characters, such as Jay Garrick and Aquaman. Speaking of DC legends...

Like any 'good girl' artist worth his sugar and spice, a large portion of Chapman's gallery belongs to DC's amazing amazon Wonder Woman. Not just one to stop with the messenger of peace, he gets complete props for handling fellow amazon Artemis, and Nazi adversary Baroness Von Gunther with equal attention. 

If you noticed Gunther's costume is a Nazi version of Diana's own, you'll agree, it's the perfect idea. Joking on Artemis that 'armoured bikini bottoms are a must', Jeff muses that he doesn't get why everyone wants to put Wonder Woman in a skirt, and designed a compromise between that and her classic look.

This is one of the few times I have ever seen an artist make 'Look at my abs' Supergirl work. Standing in league with the likes of Michael Turner, previously, I just never thought the idea suited the character. While the other pieces of Kara in Jeff's gallery row the traditional way, I'm happy to say in this instance I was wrong. Damn wrong.

 What do you think?  To see Jeff's full artistic gallery click here.


  1. Hahaha! -It's ridiculous how awesome that lame-ass movie-Superman-suit looks on Supergirl! PG looks good too.
    ~Mmmmmm... non-jaundiced-Evil-Lyn. *drools*
    It's a shame that even THAT'S not anywhere near the WonderWoman we're gonna get in the movies... *shakes head*
    She-Hulk looks great except for the overly-veiny arms...

  2. I reckon King - there's a few here I still have to convince myself aren't just cosplayers they look that 'real' Power Girl and Wonder Woman especially.

    Supergirl's cape maybe on the Spawn side, but that's one 'should be a movie poster not fan art' I'm already dying to see. Jeff does do a few more with Kara, but that just makes you want more. Or at least it does me. Greedy bastard that I am!

  3. that's funny I posted that She-Hulk and Power Girl on Farcebook just a couple of days ago that artist has all that stuff in a deviant art gallery.

  4. Hey, I dug your Suicide Squad art... Reminded me a little of Bill Maus. You up for a project? I thought it would be cool if any of us who dabbled in the arts all put something out, maybe by the end of the month- we could all post on out blogs the same day. Maybe our favorite character(s), or maybe we all agree on one to do different takes on or something? I dunno- we'd all have to work out the details- I'm just seeing if anyone has the time/is interested right now...

  5. He sure does Dave - the links at the bottom of the post.

    Thanks King - glad you liked the work mr. Sure I'm keen. Always like those kind of crossover things!

  6. Wonderful stuff. But for me, the Power Girl-Gemma Atkinson takes the prize... :D

  7. Hey Doggma - cheers for the comments Mr! Power Girl is a pretty perfect pick that's for sure. I dig that the oval stays inline with Superman's shield to.

    Jeff does more with P.G. in his gallery too. It was hard deciding which to feature, so be sure to click the link if you're keen!

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