Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Granny Goodness, Hercules, The Gentleman Ghost and Gold From The Metal Men

When I'm older I still think I'll be the guy swinging from the branch of any nearby tree, yelling "Elektra! Wait for me - I'm Daredevil! Daredevilllll!!' I mean why break the traditions of a lifetime right? This edition of Now Comes The Cosplayer highlights folks with a few years on me who are already paving the way. And as all good things in comics do, we start with something a little Jack Kirby.

Granny Goodness, as the head of Darkseid's Female Furies is an equal for evil in the dark lords ranks, right alongside the likes of Kalibak, Steppenwolf and Deesad. While many people on this site thought it was Thor's Mum before they were corrected, cosplayer
J.R. Jenks sure looks ready to punish any errand goody-good who crosses Granny's path!

While Hercules looks a bit miffed all the attention is going to the She-Hulk over his shoulder, both get points for showing their respective 80's era costumes still work! Photographed for GFBRobot.com the mighty marvels look assembled for Secret Wars!

Not many folks can name more than three Hawkman foes, and fewer can say they've cosplayed as one, yet the undying spirit of Hawkman's sometime advisor most of the time rogue proves The Gentleman Ghost has enough cool to take on the Winged Wonder, and the whole Justice Society!

Now while the terms 'older people' and 'body paint' don't always go easy on the stomach, this cosplayer proves a classic only gets better with age by combining the two to become Gold from DC's Metal Men. He even has a gold steak tenderiser ready to go!

 What do you think? 


  1. These are some of the best cosplay players I have seen.
    Gold is just perfect.

  2. Hey baab, cheers for the comments, and glad you like what you saw. I wade through heaps of Cosplay images a week to find different cosplay choices done well, so appreciate the feedback!

    In just under 24 hours I'll have an interview with one of the best Cosplayers I've featured so far. You won't believe all the guys this dude has been.

    1. That Gentleman Ghost is ingenious!
      And Gold? HOLY SHIT! I would watch that Metal Men movie today!
      That Herc is kinda perfect. And holy shit- how often do you see a Granny Goodness cosplay??? Thor's Mom? *shakes head* Goddamned filthy casuals... but at least they were JUST commenters. -When they announced the Vision casting news on a very popular comic-news-related site that I go to- the guy sites a source that said they were testing different sheens of chalk-white makeup for the character... and so he writes in the post: Since when has The Vision ever been WHITE?
      (And I understand- it's been awhile since he was, and maybe this guy is not very familiar with The Avengers anyhow- but he's a comic fan who works at a popular comic-news website! And also: Google exists. Takes like five seconds to check on that... I mean, come on!!! There's no excuse for that. And to be so defiantly snarky about your ignorance? Ugh. I find it happening more and more often.)

  3. Hercules is excellent, hes got that gruff exterior down just right.
    Just seen She-Hulk in her 80s FF costume behind him!
    Fabulous cosplay of Gold from the Metal Men too!
    But by and far the superior one has to ne the Gentleman Ghost - kinda creepy when you first look at it!

  4. Ha! Oh no King. I thought they might run with the white suit, as filmakers really hate how yellow appears on camera. It would make him seem pretty angelic too but hey, he's my favourite Avenger, so any colours good just as long as he's there.

    Seems like Gentleman Ghost is the winner this week by a nose, but I don't think all four have ever gone down so well. Five if you count She-Hulk! Apart from the white shattered dress Karl, thats still my favourite She-Hulk look. Especially there!

  5. Anonymous4:28 pm

    The thing about that Granny Goodness is THAT'S ME, the guy who cosplayed as Granny Goodness at Wizard World 2008, but only from the neck down. Some woman's head was Photoshopped onto my body.

    For the actual me, see http://jrjenks.blogspot.com/search/label/Granny%20Goodness

  6. Hey JR, thanks for stopping by! Man, Photoshop falls into the wrong hands doesn't it? I have amended the post in image and content. Great job on a great Kirby icon!