Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Rachel Summers, RoboCop, Black Manta and Archangel

It's a shame that when you see red, you actually don't. Unless you have cellophane handy of course. It would be kind of cool, and help get your mind off whatever has ticked you off. On the internet comic fans see red on a daily basis (not all at once, it's more a pass the parcel type situation), but in comics and pop-culture, lots of characters see red in the most awesome of ways. This edition of Now Comes The Cosplayer is a tribute to them.

If there's one costume that's overlooked for being a classic, it is Rachel Summers 'Phoenix' outfit from the pages of Excalibur. The fiery powerhouse of the team who has taken on Galactus twice, has a sleek, punk look that still helps hide her fiery temper as well now as it did back in the 80's. Caught by photographer Michael Iacca, this cosplayer proves that to be true.

RoboCop can see in infrared (or any other colour he wants no doubt), but it's his recent reboot that had the potential to have more fans seeing red than any other. Caught looking for possible prime directive breakers, the original Robo was busted being brought to life at SDCC by photographer LJinto.

Now while Cyclops is the usual comic character most people think of with a red perspective, I prefer Black Manta. This cosplayer captured by the lens of the brilliant David Ngo, adds just enough blades to his villainous get-up to ensure while the Aquaman foe will always see red, he will never be beaten.

Speaking of favourites - my flat out pick of the X-Men is the high flying Archangel. As if what Apocalypse did to him wasn't enough to get Warren Worthington the third seeing crimson, the fact so many Cosplayers 'dress' as him with cupid or fairy wings probably would.

This fan (photographed by Maze Studios) suffers no such fools, and in taking Archangel's Uncanny X-Force look on board, pulls out the extra stops to make wings as good as if Whilce Portacio himself had drawn them.

 What do you think? 


  1. Black Manta all the way! That REAL Robocop is very well done but... BLACK MANTA! -Damn, does he look fucking awesome!

  2. He is pretty movie quality good huh King - and look how many blades the dude has worked into the costume! Forearms and calf muscles - one dangerous dude alright!

  3. I just can't get over how completely awesome these cosplays are esp Black Manta and Robocop. ROBOTCOP! !!!!! That looks realistic enough to be in the movie God knows it would be miles better than what we ended up with in the new one . Have to agree also about Archangel.
    These are seriously professional costumes: these people should be designing stuff for movies.

  4. You just hit the nail on the head Karl - with some of these Cosplayers out there looking like the characters made flesh, you'd think Hollywood would have a bit more faith in following the CMYK blueprint. While the X-Men are probably the best examples of Hollywood movie alteration due to their belief that yellow doesn't film well (although Silk Spectre looked pretty fine) I would kill to see the Kirby version of Thor.

    That costume and even an Asgard with a heavier Kirby tip of the hat than the one they used would be stunning.

  5. Dan....It's a Hit. Comes a Cosplayer is on a roll man. I don't know who the guy is in the Black Manta suit but he has the Baddest cosplay uniform for a guy to date. I wanted to ask him how he made the helmet. Rachel Summers is a sexy thing. I think I could get past those spikes and get to the heart of the phoenix.

    The other guy had to steal that Robocop uniform, it's just that good. That only leaves my favorite horseman of the Apocalypse. This guys outfit has pulled off the toughness of the bad ass Archangel for sure.

  6. Hey O.A.! I tell ya, this feature takes a bit of digging to find great cosplay of cool characters other than the usual, but yeah I'm pretty wrapped with how these four all turned out.

    That helmet would have to be a custom job don't you reckon? The shine and how exact it is to the books make it seem so. Promise if I ever get more info on the guy behind it, I'll let you know!