Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Jimbo Salgado / Juan Fernandez' Wheeljack

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow and illustrating the point this week are penciller Jimbo Salgado and colorist Juan Fernandez with the Autobot Wheeljack.

This is Jimbo's first time at drawing a Transformer, and from the results, it's not just robotic joints that are clicking together. With the aid of some PNG elements for effects, this 'Bot looks ready to take on any 'Con - even Galvatron!

Not only is that a BMFG (Big 'Multi-Friendly' Gun) the duo get Massive points for choosing Wheeljack to kick things off, over the usual choices of Prime, Grimlock and Megatron - that said, I still want to see their take on all three, if not more because of the job they did here!

To see Jimbo's pencils in their uncoloured awesome, that version of the 80's cartoon tribute is right here.

 What do you think?  Juan is an American artist and his portfolio is here. Jimbo hails from the Phillipines, and his gallery is available here.


  1. Big 'Multi-Friendly' Gun... Oh, hush...
    Man, if ONLY the people making the Transformers movies would take note of stuff like this. -They can look cool and NOT be made up of a bunch of tiny, sharp, grey, moving pieces that make them look like a confused bundle of scrap...
    Speaking of movies- Shlomo and I were arguing (what else is new, right?) and he mentioned you are a 2000 AD fan, or at least a fan of Judge Dredd in the comics- specifically, and you did NOT like the Dredd movie??? To this I say: Saaayyyyy wwwhhhaaattt?!?

  2. Thanks King - yeah I like the idea one day a Transformers film will be made more like the original, but sadly that genie wish hasn't gone the right way yet. Even though it's outdated, I'd still have Soundwave a cassette deck to. Heck I'd set the film in the 80's.

    As for Dredd, yeah I dig 2000AD - Slaine is my favourite but Dredd ain't far behind. Dredd was definitely better than what went before it, but the set looked a little low-budget in parts, the slo-mo didn't cut it for me and the big bad seemed to be over with pretty quick after a lot of build up. Dredd is also harsher in my mind too. I'd give it three outta five. I've liked it more, the more I've watched it, but I wouldn't give it a four yet. My Judge Anderson abilities tell me you would? ;)

    When Judge Death hits in a more gravelly street level indie type flick, bringing terror to Mega City One, then the needle might move ;)

    1. No, instead- we'll get Grimlock looking like a dragon... *sigh*
      I kind of liked in Transformers: Animated- they made Soundwave an SUV with a superior, boomin' sound-system! -That worked, for me, as an update.

      Yeah, I'm a Dredd-head. I'll even defend the 1995 movie... a little bit.
      -Not really.
      Kind of...
      But, I hear ya- I thought the few shots we got of Mega-City One looked a lot less... mega... but, it did have budget restrictions- hence the plot-line isolating them in a City-block. The Slo-Mo Drug scenes were just a gimmick for the 3D. I was annoyed by them a little- but then... they did give us a few picture perfect Simon-Bisley-esque scenes of violence. So...
      I mean, that is the closest interpretation of Judge Dredd we will ever see on the screen. -I appreciate the hell out of it for that. He was gruff enough, for me. I'd love a full-gore, violent, tooth and nails version taking on The Dark Judges- but that is NEVER gonna happen.
      I disagree with you on Ma-Ma, though. I loved her to death! I was so happy to have a villain that wasn't just: "Me am bad guy. Grrrrrrrrrrr!" -She had layers.
      In another pair of shoes you could actually feel bad for her... She was only what she had to be to survive in The Judges world. Sure, she was a tad sociopathic, too... but that's what living in that kind of society would do to a person.
      -Great acting and perfect casting, all around. Judge Anderson was awesome, too.
      I was under the impression you hated it, though... I was confused by that. Three outta five ain't bad... I give it a four, easy. -It was exactly what it needed to be. And all it could be.

  3. Nice - always good to find another 2000AD fan mr! Reading some sites you'd think we were comics true mutants (concentrates to turn body to ice, fails, and realises humanity is still a b@#$#ch)

    I wasn't hoping to see Star Wars esque futuristic cities, but I just think the film could've been a bit more Blade Runner than it was. I think indie hands could've shot low but worked in a bit more tech because low budgets aren't new to them. And I have to admit Dredd asking 'What do you think Rookie' so often got me too as it doesn't quite match with 'I am the law'. I get why and all but yeah. Lena Headey hasn't stopped being fantastic since Sarah Connor Chronicles. She deff was awesome as a foe - completely agree, I just felt the built up showdown went down to fast. I'd have liked the cat to have a few more claws.

    Cheers for the thoughts mr!

  4. ya know i didn't have a big problem with how they changed the look of the Transformers in the movies but i really do like seeing updated versions that are still more visually faithful to their original appearance this is some great fan art you couldn't ask for better.
    oh boy it looks like the Dredd debate is on. ya know this kinda thing just goes to show how people get something different out of the same thing. i loved the look of Mega City i really like how they made it more contemporary look it made it easier for me to connect to it as a reality we might end up with some day. often, even when it comes to sci-fi the more realistic it feels the more i generally like it. i like Lena Headly even though i didn't care for the Sarah Connor Chronicles. she was a good villain but not really a show stopper but it worked.
    now it's funny that you mentioned Judge Death Dan because a story line with that character would have turned me off to Dredd. i remember when i first read Judge Dredd #1 which consisted of 3 stories. the Judge Death one is the one i liked the least that's just not the sort of thing i want to see in the world of Dredd the premise of that character is just too out there for my taste. Dredd going after and taking down Mega City punks and passing sentence on them (3rd story) or investigating a corrupt doctor who's using his medical skills to extort the "semi-dead" in order to black mail their living relatives (2nd story) is so much more my thing. my only criticism of the Dredd movie is that i wished they had spent a bit more time in other parts of Mega City 1 before they ended up in Peach Trees but other then that i loved it it had everything i wanted in a dystopian future sci-fi films like Children of Men, Soylent Green and Blade Runner.

    1. You have not seen many Dredd comics if you think that's "too out there"... Judge Death is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis. Then there is Satanus the Tyrannosaurus Rex... The A.B.C. Warrior robots. And I think Dredd even fought a giant frog in Africa once... Judge Dredd is not just about a cop violently busting street punks.

    2. Satanus!!! There's ya movie foe right there!

    3. i'm well aware of the heavy social-political satire that the original series had and quite frankly i found it to be a bit heavy handed. i don't mind that sort of thing to a point like with the commercials in the first Robocop movie. ultimately i like how they played it more straight in Dredd.

    4. Dan- Hel yeah, Satanus! Shit- how about we just get a straight-up Flesh movie!

      Shlomo- What? I'm talking about how insane, or "silly" you'd probably think the comics get- in reference to you saying Judge Death was "just not the sort of thing I want to see in the world of Dredd." They get way more far-out then Death!

  5. i've been watching all these I Frankenstein movie reviews on youtube and having a great laugh over them. the only nice thing any one can say about it is how Aaron Eckhart really tried hard to make this a watchable movie. it sounds like this movie was a cross between van helsing and the worst aspects of the Underworld films along with some Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter and from what i've seen of it that sounds accurate. also, it seemed like another good example of overly used CG that wasn't even well done CG in the first place. that was another constant criticism of the film i noticed.

    1. I had no interest in that one- it looked like Underworld mixed with Van Helsing and I hated both of those. I saw an interesting defense of the movie, though- through the eyes of a D&D player:

  6. Yeah, Dan- it is always good to find! I've got a little bit of Nemesis The Warlock in tomorrow's post!
    Hahaha- I remember being a kindergartner and acting out the Bobby Drake / Iceman transformation from Amazing Friends all the time. Never worked for me either!

    Yeah, Mega-City One could have looked a little more like in the '95 flick. I thought that was perfect. (The sets- not the movie!) It just looked a little flat in the few scenes we saw of it... But they could not spend more time showing the rest of the city because of the tight budget... I understand- and I liked that they got them to Peach Trees and got the story started as soon as possible anyhow.
    Did Dredd say "What do you think Rookie" a lot? I never noticed. I'll have to look for that next time I re-watch it.
    See, but Ma-Ma's build up was just her ruthlessness- in the end she was still just some regular ol' crazy chick and was dispatched as easily as that. What pissed me off is that the damn trailer showed her death scene in it!!! Fucking spoilers, movie-trailer!
    But it was like Joker's build up in Burton's Batman- in the end it's just like "Okay, you're just some crazy guy- and I'ma throw you off this building now. Bye."

    Only thing I liked about Sarah Connor Chronicles was Summer Glau! I quit watching after six or seven episodes, though...

  7. Thanks guys! King on my 21st me and some of my best mates btoke away from the rest to hang out the front. There (after plenty of yardies) we got into a massive debate over exactly who transformed best, and eventually exactly what the transformers change sound sounded like. It was pretty heated in a fun way but we never even thought of Bobby. (hangs head in shame). Next time!

    Dave yeah King bet me to it. 2000AD can be pretty far out. It's like the true home of Transmetropolitan, Planetary and Major Bummer. If anyone sees back issues of that last one get ig. Guaranteed awesome.

    1. So who does transform the best? My money is on Cosmos. -I love that little guy.

    2. Well Batman does get changed on a firemans pole without removing his hands or feet, but the king has to be Metroplex. Just ask Starscream's foot ;)