Saturday, February 01, 2014

REAL LIFE HEROES: Helmet Cam Footage Captures Freefall Rescue Of Unconscious Skydiver

Doing something incredible in freefall is an action movie staple. Bane hijacked a plane in flight in The Dark Knight Rises and you can bet if they ever get around to doing a movie of The Challengers of The Unknown, there would probably be one in there to.

Now let's switch it to real life. Below is the amazing helmet cam footage of 25 year old James Lee. Accidently knocked unconscious by another skydiver in freefall from the plane, other jumpers in the squad must make like the challengers and pull his chute in time, before gravity takes it's toll.

Regaining consciousness thousands of miles above the Earth and falling fast is one thing, to realise the final sleep could be only seconds away is another. Warning: the video is pretty loud due to wind currents. Turn your volume down before hitting play.

 What do you think? 


  1. Damn... That was crazy.
    -And one of the million reasons I'd never do anything like that.

  2. Yeah King, if he didn't have people who stayed cool under pressure or ones who could even recognise what happened, things sure could've been worse! Me I like my terrafirma and the firmer the terra the better.

    1. Yeah- that was crazy how calm those other blokes were.