Thursday, February 13, 2014

STAR-TREKKING ACROSS THE X-UNIVERSE: Young Cyclops Makes Like Nova And Goes Cosmic In New Series

[SPOILERS AHEAD] What was that old Star Trek parody line? 'Star-Trekking across the universe, only going forward because we cannot find reverse". Oddly enough that suits Marvel's X-Men line too. While now it has The Avengers line for company, the X-Crowd are consistently growing in the numbers of titles they appear in. Despite that making it hard to see mutants as a minority, The House of Ideas shows no signs of reversing that trend anytime soon.

So, what's a multi-million dollar company owned by a multi-billion dollar company to do? Easy, make sure if the spin-off machine is going to churn, you arm each with the talent known to do the job. Talent that see eye-to-eye with the characters at hand. Enter writer Greg Rucka, series artist Russell Dauterman, and Cyclops, who gets his own title this May.

Now Scott Summers may not be the first hero on fans' 'to get a series' wish list, but Greg is definitely the guy you want writing it. His Image creator owned title Lazarus is the best book going due to its brilliant cast drama, so allowing him to script the young teenage Cyclops trapped in 'our time', as he joins his space-pirate father Corsair (who returned in this week's X-Books) on a blast through space, is pure 20/20 vision.

'Scott Summers never cared about being cool. He wanted to grow up right. Now he's going cosmic'. How do you beat that? How do you learn to be a better man, when you've met the future version of yourself and he's a bit of a douche? A road trip with your absent Dad, might be a good place to start - for Summers and fans alike.

 What do you think? 


  1. Dan to go off topic for a mo, have you heard that apparently Michael Douglas is to play Hank Pym and Paul Rudd will play Scott Lang in the upcoming Ant-Man movie?
    Sorry, but...MICHAEL [older than God] DOUGLAS?!?!?!?

  2. Yeah, I have - I feared they would cast Hank Pym as someone older when it seemed like they were going to focus on Scott Lang as Ant-Man rather than the (comic book) founding Avenger, but even this is older than I thought they'd cast.

    Ant-Man is already a hard sell for Disney to chose, and while I get Scott's story is better suited for a done-in-one movie, I think the contrast between the two - a crim trying to reform and a scientist on top of the world who risks it all to save the world works better when they are roughly the same age.

    Hank Pym wasn't a founding Avenger in the movies, it seems he won't create Ultron, so making him the Marvel cinematic Gandalf is just the latest hit to a pretty awesome James Bond type character which I think is the string that ties Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Giant-Man etc together.

  3. Briefly on the topic of this Rucka-written series....I like Rucka, I do. But space is not his niche/thing. He should stick to what he;s good at, crime drama/noir, shit like that. Cosmic? Nope. And young Cyclops or not, I'm bored already. Cyclops hasn't been worth a shit interest-wise since '86, and then they ruined him by having him run out on his newborn and new wife, just to go shack up with the newly-returned Jean. Even Claremont thought that was shitty and that Cyclops wouldn't be a sympathetic character again. Bingo.

    Ant-Man....oooof, Not liking the choice of Scott Lang over Hank. Scott's a really good character, don't get me wrong. He just isn't Ant-Man in the traditional sense. I can only guess that Pym will be the bad guy of sorts, having a psychotic episode before lang returns him to reality, and then a thankful and retired Pym, gives Paul Rudd his blessing, and boom. There's your movie. Naaaaawwwwww.

  4. Hey Dale, thanks for the comments! I think Cyke was good with the Mr Sinister/Cable plot lines in the 90's. The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix and The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix golden proof. I think Scott came off the rails shortly after the Phalanx Covenant, and despite hopping back on the right track during the runs of Whedon and Morrison, he went back into the 'don't know what to do with' pile after each. Partly because their seems to be this mind-boogling conception with X-Fans that if Claremont didn't write it, it isn't right.

    I liked that Cyclops didn't stick with Madeline personally. I hate when comics stick with unflawed wholesome outcomes and favoured the opposite side of the fence it represented. My father didn't stick around either, taking off at a similar point. It happens and even good people do it, so to me it made Cyclops more relatable because it wasn't a clear cut happily ever after. As X-Men has always been one of the darker books in the Marvel line, it fit right in.

    As for Rucka, his work on World of Krypton showed space could easily be his thing, and from my seat I say good on him for trying not to be typecast as that noir guy. Because worse than Cyclops been a one-note character, would be any comic written by a one note writer.

    Agree on the Hank vs Scott thing. I think a Hank movie mixing his more James Bond aspects with the Tales To Astonish feel of the characters origins could've easily be a winner all round.

  5. Well I gotta' say, you definitely know how to make a guy feel bad and being so negative, ha ha. No I get your point, I do, but still what editorial(Not Claremont mind you) had Scott take was still an ultra dick move. I'll admit Cyclops was fine during the early 90's(a fav time of mine with the Blue and Gold teams that I still think should be brought back) and then around the 12 storyline and being merged w/ Apocalypse just kinda killed it again. He was a somewhat sympathetic having to turn over his son to the Mother Askani to save him, but then, they kinda dropped that a bet in favor of the other X-characters' drama. The most change since Morrison was him shacking up w/ Emma Frost. While that was a refreshing twist, I think as a character he's gone to shit. Even with leaving his wife and child, he's still not the type of person to kill Prof. X, Sure you can say he was possessed and that lingering trust issues, not to mention the further retconing of Xaviuer to make him even more dickish by mind-wiping scott about his brother dying and shit was horrible, but still..

    Anyhoo, yeah Ant-Man. Huh. I guess wait and see, but really why the dissing on Hank? He's a founding Avenger, and yet him and Wasp were left out in favor of Scarlett Johansson and Hawkeye. And now he didn't even make Ultron, but Tony does?

    Poor Hank.

  6. Scott and Emma was never something I saw lasting as long as it has but hey, it really turned the White Queen into a major player huh (as if she wasn't already).

    As much as Hawkeye is the centre of the Avengers, it is sad the dysfunctional family tree at its core won't fully be intact. Hank, Vision are already altered, as is Wasp by not being a founder and Ultron for having a new father. Scarlet Witch is in, but will she be a criminal given to the Avengers to reform and will her mutant / robot love play out? Next branch over houses Jocasta, Alkhema and Wonder Man. Any guesses?