Monday, February 10, 2014


That heading will catch this site it's biggest traffic yet, I just know it.

People LOVE Dinobots. People LOVE Dinosaurs. People used to LOVE Dino-Riders. But people loving dinos loving, well not so much. Still, there must be a few people out there who dig the idea of getting a leg over jurassic style, and they must have a few bob to their name to. How do I know? Easy. Onch Movement has created a 'Lucky Bones' necklace of two dinos going for gold, crafted in that very material.

If you're sitting there with your mouth wide open, remember that's probably how this all started. Costing a mere $230, this 14k gold plated piece may feature dinosaurs of differing species, and border on dino necrophilia, but to cater for all tastes, it is also offered in a $155 silver variety.

Just be warned: wearing this jewellery is no aphrodisiac, it's more likely to generate your own Ice Age than get your Brontosaurus rising, well, at least on a first date.

 What do you think? 


  1. Hey, I STILL love Dino-Riders! I even love Dinosaucers!!! ...this, this is a peculiar item. What is the point of it? Who would want this non-ironically? Is this something pervy-palentoligists give to their wives on Valentines Day???

  2. Who has $230 to spend in this I say. You can get almost a real dino for that much. Not a real Dino Rider, because that stuffs rare and mega collectible now, but you know it could at least get you a deposit.

    1. I wish I still had all my Dino-Riders... I never had any of the really big ones, but I had a bunch of the figures and smaller dinosaurs when I was a kid... Always wanted that T-Rex. Motherfucker stole the show!!!

    2. I always wanted the Bronto King which was odd. In every other toy line I only wanted the bad dudes!

  3. Dear god! Shit like this is why people loose faith in the future of the human race, ha ha. Is Warren Ellis behind this, because this has his stink all over it. Maybe Karl then;)?


  4. Nope, not me. I have more sense than to buy tasteless stuff like this.
    [puts on his Versace suit and trilby and goes window-shopping for tacky gold jewellery].

  5. Damn Karl, I was hoping you could hook a brother up with a complimentary copy or two. I just realised I didn't include the link. In case any one is secretly hyperventilating over its absence, I'll add it when I get to my computer this morning.