Monday, February 17, 2014

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Fish Drives Motorised Aquarium By Swimming In Different Directions

Aquaman's had sharks, whales and sea horses do all kinds of awesome tricks under his command - but has he taught any of them anything useful, like how to crack open a beer, order a pizza or provide a sober driver to Mera after a night out with her true boyfriend, Jack Daniels? Noooo. Still something tells me that's all about to change.

Yes, the next time your household cat is run over, the goldfish could be responsible. Powered by a webcam, this bigfoot aquarium, records the direction the fish is swimming in and moves at speed in the angle indicated. Wait? If goldfish have only a memory of few seconds in length, how do they remember how to drive for so long. Doesn't matter. When I see this guy at the traffic lights, I'm still going to cuss him out as I would any other.

For a video on the 'how', 'why' and 'why', click here

 What do you think? 


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Já pensou se por acaso este aquário fosse guiar os passos dos ébrios desobedientes?

  2. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Se bem que do liquido somos vitima sempre; quando não de um "possível" peixinho, do conbustivel ou do álcool nas ruas.

  3. That's some pretty good ideas you have there Alves! Not sure alcohol and goldfish mix but if they build a big enough one he could easily be a taxi home!