Monday, February 03, 2014

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Russian Spider-Men Hang From Skyscrapers One Handed On Video

Scott was hanging by one hand until the guy with the camera sneezed
Don't look at me, I only know how to speak the little Russian Colossus spoke in X-Men comics and I get vertigo on mezzanine floors. Still, while pictures of people pulling handstands on rooftops are not exactly new (or in some cases un-photoshop-creatable), this video of a group of wound up Ruskies has people hanging from cranes and other skyscraping material, sometimes by one arm and sometimes doing chin-ups, with no safety equipment in sight.

The only diff between skyscrapers and footpath sweepers? You giving the latter something to do when you fall. Infact my stomach is still doing rollercoasters after watching it. Definitely one for the do not try on your home clothesline let alone anything higher', if you'd like to set your spider-sense tingling, click play.

Sure the dude with the train is certifiable and needs help a YouTube video can never provide, but some of those views are spectacular. Maybe if these clowns took up photography and started an image library, they'd have better things to do with life than risk ending it.

 What do you think? 


  1. Dan, I have a lot to say on these unfortunate people [usually young lads with too much time on their hands] but will save my vitriol for another time.
    We had a tv programme on British television about three weeks ago featuring these VERY SAME PEOPLE, and it caused outrage over here. Everyone ranted on how reckless these stupid boys were, how mind-bendingly reckless and idiotic they were.
    We saw hand-held footage of them hanging off buildings, flyovers, even electrical pylons - and one lad even got electrocuted when the wire he was hanging from suddenly went live, and he died.
    The programme focused on one young man, who been thrown out of school at an early age for being disruptive, and basically his long-suffering mother = who seemed lacking in any discipline and allowed him to while away his teenage years playing computer games instead of interacting with others his own age - was in despair because of his passion/obsession [delete which u prefer] over hanging off high structures.
    He seemed autistic or Aspergers in some scenes, from how it was presented. He didn't interact with anyone else, didn't want a job or any normal things, and worse of all [this is one of the horrors of the internet imo...] his computer interactiions allowed him to link up with OTHER butters doing the same thing!
    The end of the documentary had him flying to Russia to meet this other 'high-hanger' and exchange notes or tips on where to hang next. They both ended up hanging off a bridge together, egging each other on. Madness, sheer bloody madness. His poor mother begged him not to go abroad, fearing what will [inevitably, one day] happen. Getting that call...
    These men - well. boys really - are either mad or have far too much time on their hands. Certainly the one featured in our British doc should be committed [we call it sectioned over here] and a proper medical assessment done, they really should not be allowed out on their own, and absolutely not be daring each other on over the internet, sharing videos and posting stuff that encourages others.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Karl, hope your weekend was good. Yeah completely agree, yet I'm serious when I say with csmera and saftey gear these folks could still get high and earn an income and fame for life rather than at the cost of it.

  3. Some future Darwin Award Winners right there.
    I'm with you on the heights thing- my stomach was doing flips just watching the video...

  4. No, no, no, and hell no! Not a big fan of heights myself as I get older, so good on this idiot for letting common sense and a healthy respect of falling from high heights not keep from such a stunt. Damn.

  5. You don't like heights Dale? But you're all the way up north there in America ain't ya? If you REALLY didn't like heights, you'd be here in NZ. Just sayin'.

    King, mine was too. Infact that train scene I really though lunch was going to be lost.

  6. That doc I told you about is back on our British tv tonight...its called Don't Look Down, and it is crazy. YouTube it! On second thought, don't. The men on it are quite mad.

  7. Thanks Karl - I actually think it's coming on here in about a week. Will watch home shopping instead if I have to mate