Thursday, March 13, 2014

THE DOWN-UNDER FILES: Thong Wearing Batman Thief Arrested

Scarecrow gas or Bane venom, something extra had to be pulsing through this man's veins, when he put his thong on, then walked into the back of a second-hand store in New South Wales, Australia. 

Nothing weird about that you say, Ozzie is a hot place, less clothing is better clothing right? Well, 'party man' didn't stop there. Slipping into a Batman suit, the dude ran around the backyard for over 30 minutes as the 'Barely Caped Crusader', before being arrested.

Adding even more genius to his plan, the Police Station was just across the road. And while Aussie can easily bring a true 'Killer Croc' onto the scene, we can all be thankful this guy didn't decide to give his some air.


See people? You and I pretend to be Batman with a towel between the shower and the bedroom, and no one cares. Do it in a shop that models itself on The Antiques Roadshow and it's a criminal offence. Location, location, location. 

 What do you think? 

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