Monday, March 31, 2014

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Family Burns House To Ground Trying To Remove Toilet Paper Thrown Over It

Want to learn to pitch like Babe Ruth? Learn to toilet paper a house. Through rolls over the roof at night and your arm will master the perfect mechanism needed to through any ball. Plus you'll have lots of laughs cycling past said victim the next day and watching them trying to get the 2ply terror down off the chimney.

The only folks not laughing are the Crausewell family of Dora Alabama. When neighbourhood kids toilet-papered their house and lawn, they cleaned up Human Torch style. With logic you can file under 'They should've seen that coming', the family set fire to the bog roll hanging in their Magnolia Tree, only for the wind to catch hold, blow it into the yard and set their grass (and house) ablaze.

Yeah, that's going to leave a stain. The fire burned for more than four hours, as it was fuelled by reaching the family's propane gas tank out the rear of the property. Cheryl Crausewell told media, it made her realise what was truly important in life. I would've thought the lesson would've been 'Don't set fire to flammable items right next to your family home of twelve years' but hey that's me.

Thankfully her whole family escaped unharmed. Oh yeah, the Mayor also stopped by to 'lend support' and see it with his own eyes. I mean wouldn't you?

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  1. Anonymous2:42 am

    here's a suggested article for your next WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD post. it's great timing, as this helps further ground The Winter Soldier in reality by proving we are on track to freezing people and waking them back up again, like HYDRA did to Bucky....