Thursday, May 15, 2014

FACE-OFF: The Top 9 Wonder Woman Artists Ever (Up Until Now)

Next time I do this, someone shoot me - in the head. I've done a few 'Top 6 Artists' posts before on various characters, but not one as iconic as Wonder Woman. She's no mere mutant or marvel, she is one of the most drawn faces comics have ever created. Brian Bolland, Mike Deodato, Jack Kirby, Nicola Scott, Don Heck, and George Perez show, just grabbing random artists from her past make for a decent half dozen.

But this is IADW, and I don't do decent. I do my best. So, as a fan of the 'WW', this is my Top 9 (because I couldn't do 6) Wonder Woman Artists Ever (Up Until Now).

9) Matthew Clark I dug Matthew Clark's Wonder Woman like nothing else. He nailed her stern gaze, made the armour look like armour, and really went unsung for his efforts. That said, he's my spot #9 (sorry George).
8) Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Any Top Artist list on a core DC character that does not feature this man, is not a list. His look is the iconic visual standard of the publisher. Wonder Woman, one of the best examples of that fact.
7) Jim Lee When Jim drew Diana in Superman, with writer Brian Azzarello, he perfectly combined amazonian dress with super-hero flare. Even here, stripped to the latter, there can be no mistake about where she comes from.

6) Adam Hughes Please, do you even need to ask? Just look? He combined three Wonder Women in one picture and each one of them is flawless. It makes me jealous and sad we'll see him on interiors all at the same time.
5) Alex Ross Another rhetorical choice, few have done for the character what Alex's passion for the princess has. I love the size he gave Diana! I never get artists who give Diana 'Britney' arms and shoulders. She's an Amazon!
4) Jae Lee Currently proving he still has a knack with the character in the pages of Superman/Batman, Lee's eerie style brings a haunting air that really suits the mythological yet modern environment Diana walks in.

2) Phil Jimenez This surprises me. Phil is one of the two artistic inspirations I have. Up until today had you asked me 'Who is your top Wonder artist', I would've shoved you for being silly and cattle-branded his name across your forehead. But after staring at too many Wonder Woman comics tonight, he places in spot #3.
2) Chris Bachalo It may only have been trading card art, but everytime I stare at this picture of Wonder Woman I want to know what happens next and b) who she's dead eyeing. If Chris could launch a career with Death, with Hades, he could do even more.

 Who is the 'number one' artist?  You'll have to click here for that...

 1) DREW JOHNSTON  Drew lands the top spot with a woman who has a natural warrior's frame, lying more on the amazon than super-hero side of the scale. Best of all, she looks like a woman. If I pick up a book and Diana looks in her late 20's, it's instantly a no-sell. Drew's Diana was crisp, yet rugged, built, yet tender and stern yet fierce. Everything a good Wonder Woman should be.

 What do you think?  Who is your #1 Wonder Woman artist?


  1. And my faves are...
    !] Dick Giordano - his cool, crisp lines gave us a warm, human Diana who felt very down to earth.
    2] Don Heck - the intermittent WW artist for almost 16 years, drawing her from her 'Mod' non-costumes period from the late 60s thru to the mid 80s when the regular comic finishes, pre Crisis. His art was sometimes sketchy, incomplete but he could draw virtually anything.
    3] George Perez - the master for so many. His WW exuded power and grandeur. And he did so much research on Greek and Amazon architecture before drawing the book, to get the styles and armour exactly right.
    4] H.G. Peter, considered so old-fashioned now but his was the style that set it all off. From flying Kangas to Incan temples to Valkyries to air-fights with Nazi's, his art was crazy. You never knew what to expect from Peter, and he never failed to deliver.
    5] Jose Delbo - bought a WW cup, a mug or t-Shirt? Chances are Jose Delbo's art is on it...his very beautiful, Californian-girl WW was always smiling, always flying, always glamourous. Its his art that is often used in ads and merchandise.
    6] Mike Deodato jnr - his art stated one thing - sex. His Diana [and all the Amazons in fact] had superstar bodies, thongs taking the place of togas and bodies that would drive Olympus to envy. Maybe his style was too extreme but he also drew incredible monsters, bristling with spikes and horns and deadly weaponry. About the closest WW has ever become to Image territory.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! Dude- no John Byrne??? UNACCEPTABLE!
    Nice list. -There is not much Adam Hughes and Alex Ross don't knock out of the park. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is great, and Jae Lee is a fucking favorite of mine. -Deodato, Perez, and Byrne are my top three on Wonder Woman, though.
    I used to love Jim Lee's art so much... like McFarlane though- too much of a "good" thing killed it for me.

  3. Thanks guys! I had a image of Deodato's work sitting off in 10th place. I'd love him to revisit the character now given how mucv he's changed as an artist. Just as a one shot even.

    All great nominees Karl. And King you are right about Jim and Todd. Luckily I still crave anything by Larsen or Silvestri.... now there's a guy I would die to see draw the Amazons.

  4. Yeah, mat, why no Deodato jr, George Perez, or Byrne? I'd even throw in J.H. Williams, Ivan Reis, Howard Porter, Alex Toth, and Dave Cockrum.

    Happy Birthday btw you waliby darned;)(Sorry, bad Outback restaurant joke)

  5. Yeah- man, Happy (belated) Birthday!!!