Thursday, May 01, 2014

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Doctor Doom, Livewire, Apocalypse and Silver Banshee

This week marks the end of a bit of a sick patch for me, so in honour of grouchy, sick thoughts of being tired of being sick and tired (Anastacia?), I'm dedicating this Now Comes The Cosplayer to the bad dudes. And Girls... of course...

Doctor Doom. Done right, he has to be comics ultimate villain, and this cosplayer makes a decent case for Victor Von Doom never putting his hood up again. I mean how scary does that look? Livewire on the other hand raises her arms unimpressed. An electric cosplayer at the best of times, Dezi Desire sure puts a charge into that archway!

Apocalypse may be a hard costume to pull together, but with ol' metal face tipped to loom large in the X-Men movie future, he probably won't be the only one cosplaying En Sabah Nur for long.

John Byrne's creation, Silver Banshee is one Superman foe who seems a pretty natural fit for cosplay, especially for fans with a bit of goth in the wardrobe too. Here, a graveyard gives her just the right level of 'haunt' to stay in your mind long after you've looked away.

 What do you think? 


  1. Did that Doom walk off the Roger Corman set? He looks perfect! He needs to put his hood up, though... That Apocalypse wins it for me- brilliant! And the ladies are lookin' good- those are some characters you don't see cosplayed enough!
    Sadly- I'ma guess the Apocalypse we'll get in the movie (eventually) will be a regular guy in a "futuristic" Pharaoh-esque costume- blue lipstick, freaky contacts... painted skin... More like this: It won't be Apocalypse-Apocalypse.

    1. I hope not King - that looks more like Rama Tutt, or a bad 80's 'Walk Like An Egyptian' back-up dancer. I'd love a steampunk ish one but that does defeat the whole futuristic thing. Just Apoc never looked eviler (eviler?) than he did in the Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, set in Victorian England and drawn by the 'where the &^$%* has he gone, John Paul Leon.

  2. that Doom and Silver Banshee really rock!

  3. God that Doom cosplay is AMAZING, totally AMAZING! Totally blown away by it...Dam can you put it and that FF group cosplay a while back on your facebook page so I can steal, er, share it on my page, that'd be great, thanks.

  4. Thanks guys - looks like Doom is the Victor this round - get it? get it? Ahh my best work is in the mornings! Doom was taken at Sakura-Con 2013 in Seattle, so I guess it's as good a place as any to start world domination.

    Karl, he should be on the FB page by the time you read this mate.