Saturday, May 24, 2014

THE WEEKLY CRUNCH: Wife Forces Man To Sell Collection, New Happy Meal Mascot Ties To Jim Aparo And A Title Is Born

CRUNCH: "Oh your favourite X-Man is Archangel too?" may not be the lines you hear on many a first date when you inform said subject of desire of your interest in comics, but after a few years of being there through sickness, health, and their Game of Thrones reenactments, you'd expect them to be tolerant of your 'significant other'.

A man in Sweden recently faced such a crisis, selling his 300kg LEGO collection, after his wife threatened to leave him if it stayed around. 

Being the sarcastic grinch I am, I would've asked if she'd like to build a bridge to get over it, instead the hapless victim's ad read; "You can make a difference! Save my marriage. The old bag said last Friday 'now get this shit out.' I don't know if it was me or the Lego she was talking about, but I think it was the Lego."

Well at least he called her an old bag in print. Featuring a complete collection of the LEGO space range,  you have to really wonder who is worth that kind of sacrifice.

CRUNCH: With Big Hero Six beating Wonder Woman to a theatrical release and trailer, Warner Bros have finally announced the name of the film everyone has already branded Superman vs Batman

Titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, after word Wonder Woman and Cyborg are in the film, other possible titles allegedly included Batman vs Superman: I Could've Made My Own Blockbuster By Now And Smoked The Profits, and Superman vs Batman: To Switch To A Marvel Movie. Deciding shorter acronyms are better, Warners ran with BVS:DOJ. Hip-hop label to follow.

CRUNCH: Finally, McDonalds have launched 'Happy' their new Happy Meal icon, who looks more like he's going to abduct the child and be seen a few weeks later on America's Most Wanted than he is to deliver a healthy fruit-bag or not so healthy (but God-damn irresistible) chicken nuggets. 

It's in looking at Happy's huge dentures (which he probably leaves beside the bed at nights) and piercing eyes that we comic fans realise we've all seen Happy before thanks to classic Bat-artist Jim Aparo.

 What do you think? 


  1. No woman is worth giving up your collection/hobby, whether its McDonald's or Lego.
    Treat them mean keep them keen -then kick them out when they start giving ultimatums. Only way.

  2. I think heaps of people round the world said an amen to the first bit if not the second Karl. The moment someone tries to change a part of you you enjoy, that's the time they need to be recycled too.