Sunday, June 15, 2014

BY CROM! 'Conan' Jason Momoa To Play Aquaman

Thousands of people love him in Game of Thrones - I've never watched an episode. Thousands of people hated his Conan revamp - I didn't think it was that bad. Either way, everyone wins, as Jason Momoa has been named to play Aquaman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Again, like the list of potential DC movies that hit earlier in the week, this is but rumour until anything official comes from the WB themselves. I can only hope that Momoa's sweet casting doesn't suffer the same embarrassing reaction that 'Human Torch' Michael B. Jordan received, when people realise Arthur Curry won't actually be played by a true to life Atlantean.

Still, Moma has been in the fabled sunken realm before thanks to Stargate: Atlantis. He is also known to research cultures and what makes each unique - from performing the Haka of New Zealand Maori to score his role on G.o.T., to taking a break in his studies to learn Buddhist principles, before returning to Hawaii to continue his education.

If Batman vs Superman is to be a precursor to a Justice League film, this is one rumour that has truly risen this fans tide of expectations. With the World Builders making a mess of the oceans in Man of Steel, Arthur could well have an axe, or a trident, to grind. Swell.

 What do you think? 


  1. I actually like this guy. I've never seen GoT either, but he was a great part of Atlantis. (Yes, I watched all Stargate, religiously. Don't judge me.) And if they want to put him in a movie where he's constantly wet...or taking his shirt off...I'm really very okay with that.

  2. So the rumours are true that DC are building up a Justice League franchise...I heard last week that just like the Avengers movies, DC are putting all their heroes in one movie [Supes vs Bats] and judging by its success spinning them off into their own individual movies, same as Marvel.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Gal Gadot makes only a fleeting cameo I the movie as WW same as Momoa.

  3. Thanks folks! Random - I wish me taking my shirt off got me movie roles. Generally it gets me shrieks and not of the good kind.

    I hope Cyborg gets a decent cameo in S vs B Karl - he was always my favourite Titan, and to be honest, I'm going to sit through the whole movie looking for him as much as I do anyone Arthur or Diana.