Friday, June 13, 2014


So someone slept with someone at Warner Bros, and while the WB employee was blindfolded and in cuffs, the secret spy slipped the movie giants DC movie plans out onto the internet. Okay sure, that's not exactly how it happened, but hey I've watched Melrose Place. I know how the world works.

The released movie line-up allegedly set for next month's Comic Con reads like this: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice May 2016, Shazam July 2016, Sandman Christmas 2016, Justice League May 2017, Wonder Woman July 2017, Flash and Green Lantern Christmas 2017, Man of Steel 2 May 2018.

Before my Top 3 thoughts, here's some Alex Ross;

Boy I miss 90's DC. Now to those thoughts I promised... where did I put them? Oh right!

1) While Wonder Woman would usually be the one to get my panties in a bunch, due to some pretty scary plots getting all too close to 'real' recently at the WB for WW, my fan love runs to Shazam instead. Captain Marvel needs a decent shot of renewed public exposure, and whether or not The Rock is still attached, Billy Batson's adventures done right, could easily become a global hit factory, fast as lightning.

2) Where's Aquaman? I think the biggest film of 'wow' either of the Big Two will publish, is the tale set beneath the seas. If it's Aquaman or Namor, an adventure in today's movie possibilities, set beneath the waves can only have one groundbreaker to the modern public, and one imitator. Regardless of comic history, the first one at bat will win that honour - and if true, this list might just have nicked it it from Arthur's grasp.

3) A team-up of DC's scarlet speedster and emerald gladiator released in the red and greenery that is Christmas? Awww Hallmark's already waiting for the card rights I bet. Still, I hope this is Kyle and Wally. With Ryan not reprising Hal Jordan, I think the story of Kyle fighting his idol gone rogue and casting his own shadow is the strongest story left to tell, fit for Hollywood land. Factor in a Flash inheriting his legacy in a more wholesome way as contrast and forget it - it's unique, novel and epic.

4) Sandman - like Wonder Woman, is a film that needs kid gloves. An easy replacement on the WB books for the cash cow that was Harry Potter, Daniel could be the best universe outside a comic universe since The Endless began. Rushed it could just feel endless. First way to separate those two roads; State Neil Gaiman is attached to the film in a decent creative input capacity. No one else will do. Second: give it to New Line. They seem to click with Sandman-esque life a bit more than mainstream Warners.

 What do you think? 


  1. And I think Gaiman would do it. He has experience with translating his ideas to the screen. It would be the smart move to get him on board, absolutely, but until it's announced I always doubt any movie maker's ability to make a "smart move".
    Which is why I don't think you'll see Kyle on the big screen. Sure, we know who he is and how he rocks (anyone who can get Donna for even a while is an A-List character to me), but the studios will indubitably say "Who's this guy? We need the real lantern!"
    Unless they hire someone who actually knows comics and loves them, I don't imagine Kyle will be the main Lantern here.
    It would be nice in a Lantern movie to see Gardner sometime, too. *sigh*
    Ditto goes for Wally. I'm sure they'll see a screenplay with the name but get scared and pansy out.
    It's easy for DC to be brave with Supes and Bats, everyone who doesn't read comics knows those names. But the rest...they turn yellow faster than Sinestro.

  2. Thanks Random. Nice seeing you back. Boy I wish Spectre was on this list. I think you're right about Hal though. Hopefully they wont saturate the film in villians this time.

    So that's wave one. Wave 2 Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Spectre and Teen Titans? What do you say?

    1. I would picket for a Teen Titans movie. Put Cyborg back where he belongs!

  3. I agree that the Titans are being neglected. The only one I'd be glad to see is Sandman.

  4. Can DC pull this out? Can they turn their all horrible movies (except half the Batman flicks) track-record into gold? I hope so... but I have been hurt before. DC needs to stick to the cartoons, honestly. Their animated stuff OWNS Marvel's cartoons...

  5. Cheers everyone! Random - I would picket, but I've just done an armies worth reading 'Don't make Shazam Assassins Creed on steriods' but I promise you and Tam Titans will be next.

    King - I just want more than Batman and Superman out there. Even Neopolitan has three flavours.

    1. Oy. You just put bad thoughts into my head. As if there aren't enough ways to screw up a Billy Batson movie.