Monday, June 30, 2014

THE COMICS' BEAT: The Incredible Hulk in Eminem's 'My Name Is'

Last week's post for Ookla The Mok actually drew a comment from the band - so let's see if lightning strikes twice!

Mondays. They are worse than Dr Doom and after a heavy one, it can be a little hard to get the drum pumping again for the week ahead. As a former DJ, each Monday I dig into my collection, and chuck up a hit nodding to comics' best.

Eminem is like Linkin Park or Pink. Whether I'm in the car, gym or wherever their music always suits. What edges out the lyrical genius of the original Slim Shady, is the amount of comic references he drops in. Heck there was even one right back at the start...

"Clothes ripped like The Incredible Hulk - I spit when I talk, I'll f#ck anything that walks"

 What do you think?  For the lyrics to this comics beat, click here.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh. Memories. This definitely brings back memories of him debuting on the scene. So much potential shown here, which he definitely lived up to.