Thursday, July 03, 2014

APHRODITE X-CELLENT: Finches To Tackle Wonder Woman

Just as I pop a bag of chippies and sit back to wait for DC Future's End to end what is the 'New 52', DC sticks out news that makes me want to actually give something a try. No it's not October's new Deathstroke series (after all what is Slade without Rose, the Titans or Jericho?) - nay it is the new creative team tipped for Wonder Woman, husband/wife duo, iconic Aphrodite X artist David Finch and writer Meredith Finch.

While my mind is doing somersaults over the idea David May get to draw Ares in his classic George Perez styled armour, or even his take on any of the various Cheetahs, it is Meredith's inspiration from Lynda Carter's iconic TV portrayal that makes me curious as to how the bright will merge with her spouse's artistically dark styles to form Paradise (Island).  

Starting with issue 36 in November, the duo plan to tackle how Diana juggles her responsibilities to her homeland, the League and mankind at large. According to Meredith in speaking to USA Today, a lighter tone and a more positive outlook will return to a character who, "...lives what she believes, and she acts on it."


  1. SO looking forward to the Finch's taking over my favourite super-heroine. Im the first to admit that Azzarello's run has not done it for me at all; not enough Diana, too many supporting characters, gore replacing strong after reading Aphrodite X all those years ago I believe this can only be a good thing. About time we saw a good deal more of Diana and her feminist leanings, not ot mention her sister Amazons and their background, which has been badly served under Azzarello. With the revelation in Justice League that WW loses her powers when chained by a man it seems we are being delivered of the Bronze Age version so beloved by fans [not to mention the easily enduring one] so this can only be good news all round.

  2. "lives what she believes, and she acts on it." Bingo. I'd love to see a WW who is written with all the fire and heat of Diana's passionate beliefs, but also with her reasoning and thoughtfulness intact. I'm kind of sick of the schtick that says she has to be almost ignorant and angry all the time. I find it mildly insulting.

  3. Oh, wow... that image is amazing! Wonderful artist- perfect fit!

    I have the first Aphrodite X comic from way back in the day... might have to check the newer stuff out.

  4. Thanks guys! I have that comic too King! Ahh the glory days of Top Cow aye. Cool stuff - esp The Darkness with Silvestri!

    I think your quote is better than the one in the article Random - nicely said.

    You know what I can never decide Karl - whether she should be able to fly or not. I keep thinking 'no' unless she has the sandals, and after Spirit of Truth or something backs that thought up, I read a killer arc by Phil or in JLA that argues for the opposition... maybe there's a post in that.

    1. Never could get into The Darkness... or Witchblade. But I very-much enjoyed Aphrodite X.

  5. I do know they've regressed her back to near Bronze Age levels, Dan; they have restored her 'loses her powers if shes chained by a man' schtick, which I don't really agree with. Also, I wish she could fly properly too.

  6. Yeah, I'm not 100% sold on the bound by male clause either Karl, but not much stays the same in comics, especially with Wonder Woman.... so hopefully it fades out.