Sunday, August 31, 2014

IF CALL CENTRES BE WORTHY: Man and Amazon Help Desk Attendant Role Play Thor and Odin During Online Chat

When I call a help-desk on or off line it quickly becomes a game of 'How long can Bruce Banner stave off changing to the Hulk?', How long can Jason Blood stave off changing to Etrigan?', Dan Ketch to the Ghost Rider?', Walter Langkowski to Sasquatch?' - I think you get the point.

However, one mightily Marvel-minded man approached the online helpdesk of in the tone of Thor, and not only did the online helpdesk attendant play along - he actually schooled the (I'm guessing) teacher employed customer (Redditor UranusExporer - no seriously) in truly embracing the Asgard faith.

Note to self: Next time I ring the power company, I'm starting off Judge Dredd. Any bad responses will then encourage me to scream "I am the LAW!" down the phone, and that's always been on my bucket list.

What do you think?


  1. Do you know how incredibly much it would make my century if Thor talked to me on customer service?
    Or anywhere, for that matter.
    Other than in my head.
    This is beautiful. Kudos to people who do their job in a way that enriches everyone else's experience.

  2. Anonymous4:41 am

    Oh why doesn't this happen at MY job?? But no it's just the usual "WAAH WHY WON'T MY iPHONE WORK."

  3. Thanks folks - yeah Anon, sometimes it's the caller that could do with a different approach huh? So easy to get stuck in seeing that as the other way round. They both ended with pretty decent manners according to this too - and we all know that can be a rare find in an initially frustrated customer these days - thanks for dropping by!

    Random, Thor would never talk to me because his life would be filled from that point on with "Can I try lifting it?" "How bout now?" "But how bout now?" "Am I worthy?" "Can I lift it?" "Can I?" "Can I?" "PUH-LEEEESSSEEEE", and that's where the lightning would come in.