Sunday, September 14, 2014

LOBO WILL MAKE YOU LEGLESS: Conceptual Comic Beer Brands Mix Alcohol With Anti-Heroes

There's just something about relaxing on a Sunday afternoon that suits a nice cold beer. Knights did it, Vikings did it and yes, I do it. Just don't spill any on your comics - that stain never comes out. Still that didn't stop Billy The Butcher from hopping to it and merging the worlds of comics and lager. He has created a stunning range of beers, in the style of anti-hero comic characters known to enjoy a decent pint. Check them out:

From Watchmen's Comedian to Hellboy, Sin City's Marv to Wolverine, each one is cool. Lobo's wicked 'bastich face' design steals the spot as my favourite label, thanks to humourous copy like 'Czarnian Strong Ale' 'For Main Men'.

True, comic based beers aren't new to fan art, but the amazing design skills applied to the ones above, really makes them seem thirst-quenching-ly real. To see the full range close-up, visit Billy's website after the jump.

What do you think?


  1. ya know these remind me of this beer bottle on display at a local comic shop with a customized label of the iconic Iron Man Demon in a Bottle cover art. I would have bought it in a heart beat but it was there for display only. a damn shame mate.

  2. . . . ok mate here's your assignment when you finally have the ol art bug crawl up your arse you should do some kind of "Kirby-ish" cosmic marvel 80s themed fan art. and as always if you can work ROM and/or the dire wraiths into the mix some where all the better.

  3. Sounds like a plan mr! As for the demon in a bottle thing, that's pretty clever. Looking back you realise just how ahead of the curve Marvel was with such 'real world' issues in their comics.

  4. I'm so there for trying those different beers man, especially the Hellblazer one. God only knows what the Comedian will taste like. Probably the equivalent to a nasty-tasting joke beer. Like those harry potter jelly beans.
    And we all know the Lobo one's pure rot-gut, as endorsed by the main man himself.

    On a slightly unrelated note, got your copy Dan. Just waiting to see how much it'll be to send it off.

  5. Thanks Dale - if it costs too much its okay - just get one of your minions to scan every page and email :)

  6. Naaw man, you're golden. No worries;) Gotta' rep Grindhorse. We're going international baby!

  7. I want the Hellbeer. I'm pretty sure it has spores in it. How cool is that?